'Survivor' Castaway Wardog Knew Voting Him Out Was 'Smart'

Wardog made a huge game move last week when he decided to go behind the back of Kelley Wentworth and Lauren to get the final returning player evicted from the game. While the other castaways were shocked to learn Wardog was so quick to turn on the alliance he had been with all season, they were happy to get on board with kicking the veteran player to the curb.

Unfortunately for Wardog, the huge game move put an even larger target on his back as it made it crystal clear he could not be trusted. This was something Rick Devens had said a few episodes ago to Wardog's face when he was trying to get Rick and David to work with the Lesu three once more. Devens laughed the offer out and pointed out the fact that he could never trust him enough to work with him.

The ups and downs Wardog and Rick have had this season made it a hard pill to swallow when Rick realized Wardog might be his only potential ally in the game this week. Wardog pulled Rick and Ron to the side to draw attention to the fact that they were the three biggest threats remaining this season.

As those who have been watching Survivor: Edge of Extinction from the start know, this season has been all about voting out the biggest threats. With the exception of Keith, who was voted out because he was frustratingly bad at the game, every other player has been targeted because someone was afraid of them. This included all four returning players being sent to the Edge of Extinction beach nearly one right after the other.

While Wardog did what he could to convince his fellow castaways he was worth keeping, he admitted during a confessional in what may have been the best quote during the entire episode that he was well aware of his game being at risk. In fact, he believed it would be a poor game move for them not to vote him out.

"If they were smart, they'd vote out [me], but I'm banking on stupidity tonight," he jested during a confessional

When the votes were not in his favor during tribal council, Wardog egotistically told his fellow castaways they had made the right decision in voting him out as it was best for everyone's game – except for his.

Wardog, like everyone else that has exited the game, did make the decision to take the torch and head to the Edge of Extinction beach for a second chance.

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