Here's Why 'Survivor' Castaway Rick Devens Yelled 'La Cheeserie'

Trisha Faulkner

As The Inquisitr has previously reported, castaway Rick Devens got incredibly lucky this week by winning the immunity idol to secure his safety.

Devens took the lead in the immunity challenge shortly after it began. Reaching the star puzzle at the end first, no one else seemed to be making any real progress on the puzzle apart from Aurora. After really struggling to find the right placement for the last few pieces, Devens was the first to solve the puzzle.

While spinning the finished star puzzle and celebrating his win, Devens shouted, "La Cheeserie!"

While many fans of Survivor were quick to take to Twitter to congratulate Devens on winning the immunity idol, they also tagged him in their tweets as they desperately wanted to understand why he shouted, "La Cheeserie!"

One Twitter user begged the castaway to explain what the phrase meant because their son was driving them crazy asking questions about the mysterious phrase.

According to Entertainment Weekly, what Devens shouted was the catchphrase of a sports podcast called The Tony Kornheiser Show.

In February, Kornheiser read a letter during the podcast that was from none other than Devens himself.

"Rick [Devens,] an anchor in Macon, Ga., writes, 'I'd like to be the official Survivor of The Tony Kornheiser Show. I'm going to be on Survivor's upcoming season. Starving on a deserted island with a bunch of strangers sounds right up your alley, Mr. Tony. I even throw in a few 'La Cheeserie's.'"

Devens had already been voted out during a tribal council before the merge. He, however, was able to win the first Edge of Extinction contest allowing himself a second chance to win.