'The Blacklist' Has Finally Revealed Raymond Reddington's True Identity

Fans of NBC's hit series, The Blacklist, got answers to the show's biggest mystery after back-to-back episodes on Friday night. According to a report from Pop Culture, the show has finally revealed the true identity of its main character Raymond "Red" Reddington, played by James Spader.

The show centers on Red, a former U.S. Naval Intelligence officer who went off the grid for over 20 years after becoming one of the FBI's 10 Most Wanted Fugitives. One day, Red reaches out to FBI Assistant Director Harold Cooper, played by Harry Lennix, to surrender himself to the government. He's later transported to a secret location, where he attempts to make a deal with the FBI. Red claims he has information on and close relationships with a number of major criminals and terrorists and that he would be willing to trade in exchange for his freedom. Red also informs Cooper that he'll only provide this information to Elizabeth Keen, a rookie profiler, played by Megan Boone.

Despite building suspicions, Red refuses to explain his interest in Agent Keen. As the show goes on, the secrets surrounding Red and Keen's relationship and his interest in her are slowly revealed. Keen was made to believe that Red was her father but later discovered the fugitive had been lying to her. She eventually sets out on a mission to discover Red's true identity, which she did in Friday night's episodes.

The show's creator used flashbacks to give the viewers a better understanding of how Red became the man he is today. During the flashbacks, viewers were introduced to a young Katarina, played by Lotte Verbeek, dealing with the aftermath of the real Red's death. Katarina is forced to go into hiding and seeks refuge in a childhood friend, played by Gabriel Mann. In an attempt to protect Katarina and her daughter (Agent Keen), her friend suggests that he takes on the identity of Red by forging documents and undergoing a year's worth of cosmetic surgery.

As Red, Katarina's friend vows to protect her daughter at all costs, in the event of Katarina's untimely demise. This revelation provided the explanation behind Red's interest in Keen and why he has used his resources to keep her safe throughout the show. The information was relayed to Keen by her mother's father, Dom, played by Brian Dennehy.

Fans of the show had mixed feelings about the reveal.

"Finding out who Red and why he did it is the best episode ever released for The Blacklist," one person tweeted.

"Really happy about the reveal. The show did all it could to reveal the *basics* of who Red was. But just the basics. Who was the ballarina girl? And what about that house Red blew up where he raised his family? There is so much more to come," another chimed in.

The Blacklist airs Fridays on NBC.