Swedish Model Anna Nystrom Flaunts Curvy Derriere, Tiny Thigh Gap In Insanely Tight Yoga Pants

Given that Swedish model Anna Nystrom continues to see her star rise, one might think that she is content to rest on her laurels. Not so, as it appears that the blonde bombshell consistently takes the time to cultivate a growing Instagram following of 7.7 million unique users and counting. Taking to the popular photo and video sharing platform nearly every day to offer her audience a new and provocative glimpse of her most delicate assets, Anna knows exactly how to make an impression in a heavily saturated market, standing above the crowd in the process.

In this particular image, the Swedish stunner can be seen striking a casual yet clearly premeditated pose before a placid lake and a stand of tall trees. A simple boardwalk -- boasting wooden posts and thick rope -- also helps to add some dynamic scenery to the aesthetic composition.

The focus of the image, however, lies entirely on Anna. Turning her gorgeous face to the side to shoot the slightest of smiles off into the distance, the Instagram model uses her right hand to tousle her platinum blond locks. Clad in a pair of hot pink yoga pants, so skintight that they leave very little to the imagination, Anna Nystrom shows off her sculpted derriere and toned thighs. The barest hint of a small thigh gap can also be seen. On top, Anna wears a casual white tank top.

As usual, Anna Nystrom's makeup game is on point, almost unparalleled. Her fair complexion appears almost flawless, and her smoky eyes are framed by perfectly shaped brows and long, luxurious lashes. In the caption attached to the image, she simply describes a leisurely walk -- punctuating her brief comments with a pair of suggestive emoji. Her fans immediately fell in love with the candid capture, awarding over 45,000 likes and 600-plus comments to the outdoor photo in a matter of minutes.

"Have a pleasant walk Anna! Your hair looks great!" an admirer enthused, capping off their comments with a thumbs up emoji and a cheering emoji.

"Love those legs," a second supporter on social media remarked, adding four blazing flame emoji for emphasis.

"Looking stunning girl can see gods [sic] work in you dear," a third fan quipped.

No matter what the future brings for Anna Nystrom, her fans and followers are sure to be keeping tabs on her. Whether she's sharing a slice of her life with her army of devotees or simply promoting a new product, her admirers simply cannot get enough and wait with bated breath to see what she might dare offer up next.