'Final Fantasy IV: The After Years' Coming to Steam With Trading Cards And Achievements

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is coming to Steam on May 12, according to a press release from Square Enix today. The sequel to Final Fantasy IV, originally released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1991 as Final Fantasy II, has received a complete 3D remastering and a new intro movie, shown above.

Originally released on mobile phones in Japan in 2008, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years received an enhanced port to Nintendo's WiiWare store in 2009 for North America. Two years later, it was released on the Sony PSP and is currently available for the PS Vita as well. An iOS port was made in 2013 for Apple's line of smart devices. With Final Fantasy IV: The After Years coming to Steam for the PC, it will feature Steam achievements, trading cards, and other bells and whistles.

The press release relates the story of the game.

"Seventeen years have passed since the war's end, and the son born to King Cecil and Queen Rosa of Baron has grown into a young man. Prince Ceodore has enlisted in the airship fleet known as the Red Wings, eager to meet the expectations demanded of his blood and station. Yet once more another moon has appeared in the sky, and with it vast hordes of monsters intent on destruction. The brief peace enjoyed by the Blue Planet now stands threatened under the shadow of impending catastrophe."

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years coming to Steam is also the first 3D remake of the title. The effort follows in the footsteps of other 3D remakes of the 2D franchise games, such as Final Fantasy III, which saw a release on the Nintendo DS. Final Fantasy IV also saw a 3D remake for the DS and Steam. The game itself was originally an episodic release starting with "Ceodore's Tale." Completing the first chapter will unlock six additional characters and the final three story tales: "Kain's Tale," "The Lunarian's Tale," and "The Crystals."

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is coming to Steam on May 12 for $15.99. Pre-orders receive a 10 percent discount.

[Image Source | YouTube]