Ryan Gosling Laughs, Video Goes Viral

Seriously ladies? We know you love Ryan Gosling, but is it really necessary to make a video of the movie star laughing go viral?

The popular actor of meme fame was giving an interview with Grae Drake for Gangster Squad when he was shown a dish towel with his face on it.

Almost immediately, Gosling began laughing, and then he reached in an attempt to grab some dust particles.

We are not sure why, but, several days after Gangster Squad chose to upload the video, it has received more than 75,000 YouTube views.

Viewers seem to love the clip with comments such as:

“His laugh is the cutest thing ever.”

Another user added:

“Coolest person EVER. Boss of Hollywood.”

And a comment that sums up the video for Ryan Goslin fans:

“This is epic. So funny!”

Other viewers were quick to point out that “grabbing at dust particles” was likely a result of “floaters” in which “stray cells detach from your retina and float through your line of vision.”

Floaters or not, the video showcases Ryan’s ability to create internet gold without really doing much.

Here is the Ryan Gosling laughing video:

In case you are somehow unfamiliar with the internet’s fascination over Ryan Gosling, here are a few of his popular memes:

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And other:

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If the internet’s idea of a good time is watching Ryan Gosling laugh about a towel, I think it might be time to turn off the internet and go back to lighting our homes by lamp torch.

What did you think of the Ryan Gosling laughing video?