'Survivor' Castaway Rick Devens Saves His Game This Week

Trisha Faulkner

As those who have been watching Survivor: Edge of Extinction know, Rick Devens became the first castaway this season to win during the Edge of Extinction twist, which allowed him to come back into the game after being evicted. Unsurprisingly, his fellow castaways quickly expressed an eagerness to send him right back out the same door he came in.

The Survivor gods knew coming back into the game would not be easy and gifted Rick with a broken immunity idol that he was able to piece together. Unfortunately, Devens and his ride-or-die David Wright made the mistake of using the idol when they didn't really need it.

Devens was able to win the immunity challenge last week with the help of an advantage David sent him from the Edge of Extinction beach. This week, once again, Rick was able to dominate the rest of his tribe and secure the immunity necklace once more.

Winning the immunity necklace is ultimately what saved Devens' game both this week and last week, as nearly every member of his tribe sees him as a threat and wants to send him out the door. While his fellow castaways do not see him as the biggest physical threat because of his dad bod, that hasn't stopped them from seeing him as a challenge beast.

The other big reason his tribe wants to see him gone is that most of its members believe nearly every member of the jury likes Rick. As such, they do not believe they would be able to get more votes than him at the end of the game because of his likability.

Because Devens was able to save his game, targets shifted between Wardog and Aurora as the castaways debated over who the biggest threat was. While Rick had recently agreed to work with Wardog after going head-to-head with him just a few episodes ago, the partnership didn't last very long as the rest of the tribe caught on to how much of a snake Wardog was.

According to Entertainment Weekly's recap on this week's episode, it didn't take long before war was declared on Wardog.