'World's Hottest Weather Girl' Yanet Garcia Flaunts Famous Booty In Ultra-Tight Yoga Pants

Yanet Garcia has been dubbed the World's Hottest Weather Girl, and for good reason. The 28-year-old bombshell has built up quite the following on social media, and recently celebrated reaching an astonishing 10 million followers. In 2015, Yanet took social media by storm when videos of her reading Mexico's weather were shared across the internet.

Since she shot to superstardom, Yanet has been filling up her Instagram page with plenty of revealing photos, which highlight her very popular assets. The Hoy weather girl is known for her voluptuous rump and her busty chest, which are both normally on display in her photos. The former gets all the attention in Yanet's newest Instagram post, where she flaunts her backside to the camera while wearing some pretty tight yoga pants.

In the new post, Yanet is rocking a periwinkle jumpsuit with her back faced to the camera. She turns to give a slight glance at the camera, showcasing a pair of brown aviator sunglasses. While there's much to see in the photo, all the attention goes directly to Yanet's behind, which is overly emphasized in the tight pants.

Standing atop of a building in Mexico, Yanet is taking it all in, as her followers do the same. The new post got a lot of love from her 10 million followers, bringing in over 100,000 likes in just under an hour, as well as hundreds of likes. Actor Drake Bell wasted no time commenting on the hot photo and added a simple peach emoji in the comments section. Yanet took notice and responded promptly by responding with a see-no-evil monkey emoji.

The new photo appears to be a throwback, as Yanet shared another image from this particular photo shoot earlier this month. In the April 7 post, Yanet flaunted her booty yet again as she sat down with her back to the camera and gave another side-glance.

Yanet's newest photo is one of the more conservative pictures followers will find on her page. Just yesterday, she took to Instagram and posted a full body shot of herself in a multi-colored knitted bikini showing off her super-toned stomach. That post is pushing 500,000 likes, a mark her newest picture might have trouble reaching.

For those fans fawning over Yanet's physique, they can keep up with her fitness routine on Instagram, as she often posts several of her workout sessions and gym selfies on Instagram. A flawless body doesn't come easy for the world's hottest weather girl, but she definitely puts in all the work.