Brunette Bombshell Katrina Brodsky Leaves Little To The Imagination In Insanely Small Orange String Bikini

Katrina Brodsky is heating up Instagram with another sexy post. The fitness model is known for showing off her amazing figure to her thousands of Instagram followers, in a number of different sexy outfits including— of course — bikinis. Brodsky's most recent Instagram photo leaves very little to the imagination of her loyal fans, and they simply cannot get enough of it.

In the post — which includes three photos— the brunette beauty sits outside on a lounger as she enjoys an ice cold beer. The first snapshot shows Katrina sitting on the chair and making a kissy face into the camera. The stunner wears her long, dark locks down and straight, while also sporting a pair of sunglasses.

Even though she's sitting down, her amazing body is fully on display, thanks to a tiny orange swimsuit that shows off her toned abs. In this particular photo, the fitness model nearly spills out of her suit, which is barely able to contain her assets. The next snapshot in the deck gives followers a little bit of a better glimpse at Katrina's incredible figure as she kneels down on the chair and throws her head back. The bikini bottoms show off her toned legs, and the Instagram star looks nothing short of amazing.

The last photo in the series is very similar to the first two, with Brodsky sitting in a lounge chair while she sips her Coors light. So far, the post has earned the bombshell a ton of attention with over 8,000 likes in addition to 120-plus comments. Of course, most fans felt the need to leave a comment let the model know how beautiful she looks.

"You could hit me with a truck and I would thank you," one follower joked.

"Nothing like a Hot Woman and a Cold Beer," a second user chimed in.

"Are the mountains still blue, after touching a hottie," another joked.

Brodsky also happens to be the owner of Keller Rose Fitness, where fans can purchase the Curve Builder Workout for just $20. As Katrina explains, she partnered up with her Pilates instructor to design a workout that "elongate muscles, improve tone, and enhance natural curves." It's easy as pie too -- all you need is a resistance band to take part in the workouts.

"The program consists of four series that target legs, arms, abs, booty and full body," the website explains. "This workout is quick yet extremely effective at around thirty minutes and is meant to be done daily, all four series, but if you feel more comfortable doing it less then we recommend adding more reps or doing it back-to-back for a more intense workout."

Fans can keep up with all of Katrina's adventures by following her on Instagram.