'Drinking At Disney' Duo Has Visited Every Bar At Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World may not be the first place you think of when your vacation plans largely involve adult beverages -- New Orleans is one such spot that comes to mind. But as Delish reports, Instagram couple Daniel Miller and Rhiannon Rhay have made names for themselves by hitting all of the 150 bars at the Florida property. What's more, the friends turned their Instagram fame into a book deal.

The drinking options at Walt Disney World run the gamut from full-on themed experiences (such as Trader Sam's) to a beverage cart near a hotel pool that might not even be open on the day you're there. And yet somehow, the friends have managed to tick off every last one of them.

It helps that both have annual passes and live nearby: Daniel right there in Orlando, Rhiannon "a few hours away," as she tells Delish. Between them, they've been to the Florida mega-resort about 600 times.

The Big Bars

There are some bars on the property that every booze lover needs to make it a point to visit. And even if you're not into drinking, Daniel says you should stop by for the experience alone.

There's Trader Sam's Grog Grotto at the Polynesian, which takes the cheesy tiki bar theme and turns it up to 11, then continues turning the dial up until it has completely shattered, with the end result defying description.

Trader Sam's is so popular that you need to plan to spend an evening there, with most of that time relegated to standing in line. The little hole-in-the-wall bar is notorious for long queues.

Also located at the Polynesian is the Tambu Lounge, a sort of poor man's Trader Sam's, but without the long wait times.

Over at Epcot, the United Kingdom's Rose & Crown Pub -- meant to evoke the feeling of a cozy, local English pub -- is always a crowd-pleaser. And for the drinker who loves picking apart the subtleties and characteristics of one drink over another, you can't go wrong at Mexico's Cava de Tequila, which, as you can probably guess from the name, exclusively serves Mexican tequila.

Individual Drinks

Aside from the decor and theme at each bar, there are plenty of venue-specific drinks to enjoy. To that end, Rhiannon says her favorite is the Bloody Mary at Animal Kingdom's Dawa Bar, which is made with candied bacon, prepared fresh each morning. Daniel's favorite is also an Animal Kingdom offering -- the Tempting Tigress, available at the Nomad Lounge.