Dallas Zoo Monorail Passengers Rescued By Fire Rescue

More than 100 passengers stranded on the Dallas Zoo Monorail were rescued by Dallas Fire Rescue on Saturday, February 23, The Dallas Morning News reported.

The ordeal began around 4 pm on Saturday and ended a little before 5 pm. Dallas Fire Rescue utilized five extension ladders to free the passengers, who were suspended a little more than 20 feet from the ground.

According to the Dallas Zoo website, the Monorail Safari in which the mishap occurred “is the only one in the United States engineered to climb and turn, taking guests on a one-mile turn through bush, desert, forest, woodland, river, and mountain environments.”

It is not known in which of those “environments” the Dallas Zoo Monorail froze, but it was not over any wildlife habitats, The Dallas Morning News added.

The incident is the first known monorail accident since two monorails collided at Disney in July 2009. The Inquisitr posted video of the Disney monorail crash, which killed one driver, shortly after it occurred.

Saturday’s incident had a considerably happier ending with no injuries reported.

What do you think caused the Dallas Zoo Monorail incident to occur, and have you ever experienced a mechanical malfunction at a zoo or amusement park?

[Image via ShutterStock]