Lala Kent's Fiance Randall Emmett Allegedly Heads To ER After Fearing Heart Attack Over 50 Cent Feud

It's the feud nobody saw coming, and one that Vanderpump Rules fans never knew they needed. A bizarre fight began brewing Friday afternoon between 50 Cent and Pump Rules star Lala Kent. It all started when the rapper shared a video to his Instagram page of a scene that included Lala and Stassi Schroeder, taken from an episode from Season 7. In the clip, Lala is describing how she and producer Randall Emmett got together, and the conversation gets a little NSFW.

According to The Row actress, she slept with Randall on the first night that they met, and admitted they have been inseparable ever since. Lala also claimed that after they had sex, Randall began sending her lavish gifts, including a Range Rover, which he sent less than 24 hours after their first hook up.

It appears as if 50 Cent and Randall had some sort of feud brewing in the background, which might have prompted the "In Da Club" rapper to attack Lala on Instagram, where he called her a "hoe" for her behavior. Lala began responding to 50 Cent in the comment section, but those replies have since been deleted.

Later Friday night, 50 Cent shared screenshots of texts he exchanged with Randall on Instagram, showing that the producer had continually apologized to him. The two have worked together on Starz's Power and an upcoming series titled BMF. The two appeared to have a great friendship for years, but yesterday's events have left the duo in shambles.

In the text messages, Randall told 50 that he's heading to the emergency room because he didn't feel well. The movie producer said he was going to the hospital to make sure he wasn't having a heart attack, while also noting this new feud between himself, 50, and Lala caused drama between him and his ex-wife, Ambyr Childers.

Randall also kept telling 50 Cent "please no more" in the texts, as he continued to apologize. After he was flooded with texts from his former friend, 50 then wrote back that he wanted Randall to repay the $1 million that the producer allegedly owed him. In a second post -- which contained a screenshot of text messages between the two -- 50 claimed Randall sent him $250,000 yesterday, but the rapper was still angry and wanted all of that $1 million back by this upcoming Monday.

The exchange between the three celebrities is almost impossible to follow, as there are clearly underlying issues that fans will never be privy to. In his posts, 50 Cent included the hashtag "#bransoncognac," in reference to his own line of liquor, as well as his champagne, Le Chemin du Roi, suggesting this feud might have something to do with a business partnership gone wrong.

There is no confirmation if Randall actually went to the hospital or if he suffered a heart attack at this time. There's also no confirmation as to whether these text messages exchanges were between 50 Cent and Randall.