Spoilers For Monday's 'General Hospital': Shiloh's Pushing For Answers As Others Scramble Over Dawn Of Day

General Hospital spoilers tease that Monday's episode will feature plenty of action. There will be a big focus on all of the chaos connected to Shiloh and his Dawn of Day (DOD) organization, and teasers indicate that the next episode will touch on a wide variety of characters, with some surprising faces thrown into the mix.

Viewers last saw Dawn of Day during Wednesday's show, but She Knows Soaps details that the action picks up again with the April 29 episode. Shiloh will be trying to get answers from somebody, which could be related to several different characters.

He is anxious to move his relationship with Sam to something more intimate, but he is also anxious to find Kristina and bring her back to Dawn of Day as well. There's a chance that Shiloh plans to confront Jason or someone else he thinks is involved in Krissy's disappearance, or it may be that he will push Harmony for more information on Willow.

The Inquisitr has teased that Dawn of Day will remain front-and-center throughout the May sweeps, with plenty of twists and turns to shake things up throughout Port Charles. It looks like Shiloh won't get the answers he is looking for during Monday's show, but he isn't about to give up or let go of getting what he wants.

Sonny will be worried during Monday's show. It seems he is concerned about Krissy or the secret she handed over to Shiloh. As The Inquisitr noted, Milo will be popping up during the April 29 show, which is sure to please longtime fans.

Milo will be at the Dawn of Day house talking to Shiloh. However, he'll use a different name, so it seems likely that Sonny will send him there on something of an undercover mission. Will Shiloh fall for it?

Viewers will also see Margaux confess something. Given her interest in Dawn of Day as of late, it seems fairly likely this confession is connected to her involvement with the organization.

Sonny and Jason are quite leery of Margaux's interest in DOD and what it means for her objectivity, and as viewers know, they don't exactly trust her as. While it's not known for certain that this confession of Margaux's is connected to Dawn of Day, it seems likely.

From the sounds of things, Monday's episode may lay the groundwork for new twists and turns with Shiloh and Dawn of Day. General Hospital spoilers suggest that things will get far more complicated before this is all resolved, and viewers will have plenty to talk about after this next episode.