‘Maxim’ Model Rachel Bush Posts Steamy Video Series Showing Off Her Skimpy Bikini, Twerking In A Thong

Rachel BushInstagram

Rachel Bush had a great response to some body-shaming trolls who attacked her online — a series of videos where the Maxim model showed off her curvaceous figure and twerked in a thong bikini.

The model and wife of NFL star Jordan Poyer took to Instagram to post a series of videos showing off in a light blue tropical print bikini that struggled to contain all her curves. Bush had just gotten some hate for a previous picture that was deleted, which seemed to lead some to believe she was hiding an unflattering picture of herself.

But Bush said this wasn’t the case, and to show how great she looked the model posted a series of videos in her Instagram Story showing off the bikini, shaking her booty in front of a mirror, and even getting down low to twerk in the thong. Bush also had a response for people who criticized her for wearing a bikini with her young daughter around, saying there’s nothing wrong with being comfortable with your body.

“My daughter runs around naked I don’t think she’s gonna be offended by her mom in a bikini,” she wrote.

Bush summed up her feelings toward the body shamers and other haters, saying it wasn’t going to bother her.

“I’ll let others continue to spread hate, lol,” she wrote.

Bush also shared a series of supportive messages she had received from fans, even posting some of their impressions of her modeling poses. Many had praised Rachel for being so positive about her own figure, giving them the confidence to do the same.

The model, who has graced the pages of Maxim and made a series of promotional and modeling appearances, has never been shy about sharing her body online. Her Instagram feed is filled with pictures of her showing off skin in sun-soaked locales.

Even the snow can’t stop Bush from shining. She is stationed in cold and wintry Buffalo for most of the year as her husband plays for the Bills, and showed her team spirit late last year by posting a picture of herself wearing a red, white, and blue Bills bikini out in the deep Buffalo snow.

Rachel Bush has plenty more to worry about than body shaming trolls, including her ever-expanding follower base and her growing stature within the Instagram modeling world. The 21-year-old model has been gaining followers at a fast clip and parlaying the attention into a series of sponsorships.