Jasmine Sanders Flaunts Bod In Pink Lingerie On Instagram

Rachel MurrayGetty Images

Jasmine Sanders shared a brand new lingerie pic on Instagram recently, and she looked as great as ever. The model was spotted lounging on a chair with light purple sheets draped over it, and she wore just hot pink lingerie. It consisted of a bra with lace accents on the bottom, along with a matching set of bottoms. Jasmine accessorized with a statement piece, which was her giant earrings. The earrings had one large flower on the top, along with a couple of sets of smaller flowers and pieces that looked like stems. Sanders’ hair was slicked back and worn down with a heavy right part, and she gave a coy look to the camera while smiling slightly.

But that’s not the only recent lingerie pic that Jasmine has shared, as she posted a photo of herself via Stories for Victoria’s Secret. The photo in question showed her looking straight ahead at the camera in an orange bra, as she wore her hair in a casual top bun.

Sanders also asked her fans what they thought she ought to pack for her upcoming trips. It turns out that Jasmine will be jetting off to New York City, Miami, and Cannes in the next several weeks. And while it’s no secret that she has a great sense of fashion, Jasmine solicited recommendations on brands she ought to check out.

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I do a little thing called what I want.

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And while the model has made a name for herself in the industry, it turns out that she has a connection to one of the most famous reality TV families in history: the Kardashians, according to Vogue UK.

“I’ve known the family for so long. Kylie just randomly called me one day and was like ‘girl I know this isn’t our normal day out but I really want you to come to the middle of nowhere and shoot this video with me because I’m launching make up. I need you to kick down doors and hit guys with guns and just be the badass that you are’. I was like Kylie I don’t do this in real life!”

In other news, Jasmine opened up about her outlook on food.

“I love food but I’m not the best chef, I’m not confident if my mum’s not in there with me.”

It’s clear that Sanders is amassing her own set of fans, with over 3.4 million and counting. Fans can likely look forward to seeing photos from her upcoming trips.