John Singleton's Family Fights Over Conservatorship Amid Daughter's Claim He Is Not In Coma

John Singleton's daughter Cleopatra is fighting claims made that the director, producer, and screenwriter is in a coma. She is disputing his mother's depiction of his medical condition and is requesting the denial of her petition for special conservator, reports The Blast.

The college sophomore released a statement to The New York Times on Friday, doubling down on her assertions about her father's health and her grandmother's intentions.

"My father had a stroke on April 17, 2019, and at this point we are optimistic about a full recovery."
According to court documents, she said he is doing better every day and may be released from the intensive care unit within 5 days.

Cleopatra also claimed Singleton is breathing without assistance and "is only medically sedated to keep his blood pressure low and allow the vessels in his brain to heal." She stated that he is "responsive to stimuli" and has even smiled several times.

"Myself, several of my siblings, and my father's father will oppose my grandmother's application to be appointed my father's legal conservator."
Singleton's mother, Shelia Ward, has requested she be appointed temporary conservator because he is not able to care for his physical or personal needs, as stated in legal documents.

Cleopatra has challenged this and alleges that Ward intends to liquidate Singleton's assets and leave his children with nothing, shown in legal documents obtained by TMZ.

Singleton's family has engaged in public feuding before. In 2016, one of his sons wrote an open letter accusing Ward of being calculating and controlling. Singleton's lawyer, agent, and manager denied requests from The New York Times to speak on his condition.

Shelia allegedly operates as her son's personal and business manager. Singleton's daughter claimed her grandmother is in that position due to her father's feelings of responsibility and fear triggered by the bullying and abandonment he experienced at her hand as a child.

Singleton suffered a stroke last week following a return home from vacationing in Costa Rica when he experienced weakness in his legs. Family members reported the stroke as "mild.".

Ward later indicated that his condition had taken a turn for the worse, and he had fallen into a coma and was unable to care for himself or his affairs.

Ward requested permission to handle several business endeavors of Singleton's as well as a profitable settlement agreement he was planning to sign before the medical emergency.

Singleton has directed a number of critically-acclaimed films and TV series, including the FX crime drama Snowfall. He received an Oscar nomination for Best Director for Boyz N the Hood, his debut film. His other iconic works include Poetic Justice, Rosewood, and Hustle and Flow.