Corey Feldman Has ‘Concerns’ That Michael Jackson Was Grooming Him

Gregg DeGuireGetty Images

Although former teen star Corey Feldman defended Michael Jackson after the documentary of his alleged sexual abuse of two young boys, Leaving Neverland, the singer now wonders if the pop star was grooming him.

In a recent Rolling Stone interview, Feldman said that watching the movie as both a friend of Jackson’s and as a survivor of molestation started to give him some “concerns.” He claims that his relationship with the singer was “the standard grooming process that [Robson and Safechuck] describe.”

“Everything was similar [to what happened to me] up until the sexual part. Everything. He bought me gifts, a Watchman TV, a gold watch from Disneyland.”

“So was he grooming me and I just never ended up being his pick? Or was that just who he was?” Feldman added.

“That’s the f***ing thing. We’ll never know. But I would have been exactly his type. I was cute, short and blond. You know?”

The documentary covers allegations by James Safechuck and Wade Robson that Jackson abused them from the ages of 7- and 10-years-old, respectively.

In the past, Jackson was accused of sexually molesting a 13-year old boy in 1993 and also charged with seven counts of child molestation relating to another boy in 2003, per CNN. But Jackson settled with the 1993 accuser out of court and was acquitted of the seven 2003 counts. The “Smooth Criminal” singer maintained his innocence until his death, and his family continues to defend him today, referring to the new accusations as a “public lynching.”

Feldman previously supported Jackson on social media, which caught the actor some flack. He asked why Jackson, who had so many opportunities to be sexual other young boys, only decided to sexually abuse Safechuck and Robson.

“How did he control those urges so well, while so blatantly sexual w those 2 boys?”

As The Inquisitr reported, Jackson’s former bodyguard, Matt Fiddes, recently took to Instagram to say that he was going to defend the King of Pop “when the time comes.” He suggests that the new allegations against Jackson are calculated and timed after the singer’s death so he can’t defend himself.

Fiddes previously claimed that he would not speak publicly about the accusations in Leaving Neverland, but his recent comments suggest that he is going to take a more aggressive stance against the pop singer’s accusers.

As of now, Jackson’s children — Prince, Paris, and Prince Michael Jackson II — are investigating Safechuck and Robson to try and find any inconsistencies in their accounts of abuse. They are planning to file a lawsuit and believe that the pair were paid to participate in the documentary.