Man Has Both legs Sliced Off In New York Subway Accident, Expected To Survive [Video]

A middle-aged man had both his legs sliced off after drunkenly falling in front of a New York Subway train Saturday night.

The as yet unidentified man, who is said to be in his 40’s, was waiting for a train in the Bronx, when he fell off the platform into the path of an incoming train.

Reportedly, the man got up from his seat on the platform and fell on to the track at the 161st Street-Yankee Stadium station at around 9:30 pm, sources told the New York Post.

Before the man could lever himself to safety, a D-train pulled into the station crushing and severing both of his legs.

An MTA worker told the Post: “He was drunk, he was intoxicated.”

After the accident, a firefighter response team rushed to the scene and pulled the man from the tracks into a waiting ambulance.

The victim is currently being treated at Lincoln Hospital and is expected to survive despite his horrific injuries, according to police attending the scene.

Witness Joey Boots, who filmed the rescue on his phone, described the victim as “Hispanic.”

Scene of the incident: The man fell onto the tracks at 161st. He was described as drunk by one MTA worker

According to Mail Online, this latest incident is the sixth occasion in five days that someone has been hit by a New York City subway train.

In the past week there have been three fatalities on the city’s subway network, as well as previous incidents where people were either pushed or fell on to the tracks.

Those statistics have led the Transit Workers Union to demand its workers slow down to a speed of about 10 mph when entering a station, to give train operators time to apply emergency brakes if needed.

However, this is likely to be resisted by the MTA who have a current mandated arrival speed of 30-35 mph.

Note: Footage of the rescue effort was filmed by bystanders and witnesses, not media.