Cops Called For Fight Between Wendy Williams And Kevin Hunter

Nicholas HuntGetty Images

According to a police report acquired by Radar Online, on April 20, cops responded to a call from Wendy Williams’ home in New Jersey following the outbreak of a fight between Williams and her estranged husband, Kevin Hunter.

In the report, it stated that Kevin Hunter called police at 10:15 a.m. after the arrival of a moving truck to the once-shared house of him and Williams.

Police encountered Hunter who told them he did not approve of Williams moving items away from their property.

“Mr. Hunter called the Livingston Police Department for assistance today because Ms. Hunter showed up with a moving truck, and began packing items throughout the residence in order to move them to a new location.”

It was then noted in the report that Hunter “demanded” the removed items “be left alone.”

The TV show host’s former companion then furiously demanded the moving company “vacate the premises,” according to the report.

Eventually, the police, along with a male friend who was present, stabilized the situation – allowing Williams and Hunter to come to a reasonable agreement.

The report said that Williams agreed to move her personal belongings, including “clothing, shoes, personal paintings, and spare bedroom furnishings,” from the residence.

In addition, it stated that the two had mutually settled on these terms as well as agreeing the remaining furnishings were to be left unmoved.

It was also verified in the report that Kevin Hunter Jr., Williams and Hunter’s 18-year-old son, was present during the incident. The son was stated to be involved in conversations concerning the removal of the items.

A domestic violence registry check was run on the pair, with a “negative” result for both.

Williams recently fired Hunter from his executive producer position on her talk show, The Wendy Williams Show, Radar Online reported.

A source told the outlet security guards at the building were informed not to let him in under any circumstances. The insider added that Hunter was apparently still emailing staff, who were being instructed not to engage with him.

This is just the latest move by Williams after she filed for divorce from her husband of more than a decade.

Soon after it was announced, Hunter released an apology for actions allegedly tied to disrespect and infidelity.

Rumors have long persisted that Hunter has a child by longtime mistress Sharina Hudson.

All evidence of Williams’ former partner has been erased from the show, but an insider revealed to Radar Online that “anyone that thinks Kevin is just going to walk away doesn’t know him.” The source explained the show was everything to him, and that it was his identity.

They added that Hunter took great joy in flaunting his position as a “big time executive” of a successful show. He had a habit of coming up to young women and promising he could get them on the program.

“Now that has been taken away from him and he cannot stand it,” said Radar’s source.

On January 18 police were summoned to the pair’s house after an anonymous caller alleged Hunter attempted to poison the television personality, prompting them to perform a welfare check.