Braless Jazmyne Wardell Flashes Major Underboob In Full-Frontal Cleavage And Panties Snap

Jazmyne WardellInstagram

Jazmyne Wardell earned somewhat of a “bunny” moniker earlier this month – her Instagram update boasting Easter Bunny ears launched a plethora of rabbit-related comments. Her earlier post was documented by The Inquisitr.

The Australian model appears to have changed her tune, though. On April 25, this blonde sensation updated her Instagram feed with a sportier snap. This newest picture shows Wardell leaning against wire-frame netting enclosing a tennis court. Clinging onto the netting with her hands, Jazmyne appears both appropriately and inappropriately dressed for a game of tennis.

Considering her from the knees down, her selection of white socks and sneakers seem apt for the sport. High-cut string panties in white might channel an athletic-friendly style, but they’re accompanying a top that would likely compromise the model’s comfort should she actually opt to play a round of tennis. Going braless isn’t unheard of in tennis, but the industry’s elite tend to opt for support.

Given that Wardell is flashing taut abs, toned thighs, and defined biceps, viewers may want to think twice before questioning this girl’s dedication to fitness. Then again, with this level of eye-popping cleavage and underboob, Wardell’s status as a model seems more prominent than her contribution to the world of professional sports. Jazmyne’s Instagram bio, however, does herald her partnership with sports nutrition brand, ASN. She is, as the bio states, a “sponsored athlete.”

Fans appear to be responding well to today’s update, with one in particular leaving some time-honored wisdom.

“As I have always said, if you got it flaunt it.”

A quick scroll through Wardell’s feed suggests that she might agree with the above axiom. Whether alone or in doubling up with fellow models, Wardell’s updates come with plenty of skin, plenty of cleavage, and what appears to be plenty of positive feedback.

Jazmyne has 124,000 Instagram followers. Modest as this may seem, Jazmyne is nonetheless making a name for herself. She appears to have been snapped up by various swimwear and clothing brands for promotional partnerships. Maintaining defined muscles alongside voluptuous curves can be challenging, as one might compromise the other. Given that Wardell appears to have both, she seems a prime example of a top-tier fitness model. Hashtags suggesting that she is “asn fuelled” likewise paint Jazmyne as a consumer of the Australian brand’s products.

Celebrity promotion for diet-related products doesn’t always go over so smoothly with a savvy Instagram audience, however. Earlier this month, Khloe Kardashian deleted her controversial Flat Tummy Co. Instagram post following global backlash. As Cosmopolitan reports, the Good American founder had been slammed for influencing young women to turn to diet solutions.

With no apparent backlash, Wardell’s career as a fitness influencer seems to be on the rise.