Tyler Christopher Teases Potential 'General Hospital' Return As Nikolas Cassadine

Tyler Christopher has been away from General Hospital for some time now, and his character of Nikolas Cassadine remains presumably dead. Not long after departing GH, seemingly over stalled contract negotiations, the actor started a new gig on Days of Our Lives. He has since departed that gig as well, and now he's opening up about the struggles he's endured -- and the likelihood that he could head back to Port Charles at some point.

In the new print edition of ABC Soaps in Depth, Christopher candidly speaks about the personal struggles that interrupted his stint on Days of Our Lives. Tyler explains that one component of the problem was that his family was living in Indiana -- near his wife's extended family -- and his routine of traveling to and from Los Angeles for his DOOL took a significant toll on him.

Christopher's two children, Greyson and Boheme, had a difficult time understanding his coming and going. That -- combined with depression, fatigue, and regret -- led to Tyler relapsing into an alcohol addiction.

At the time that the actor stepped away from DOOL, it was simply explained as a need to address some personal issues. He had taken time away during his General Hospital gig, too, but the actor usually didn't address the issues very specifically.

Now, Christopher explains that he has been battling this addiction since he was a teenager. He says that when he left DOOL last fall, it was with the understanding that he would handle these issues -- with the goal of eventually returning to the show.

Tyler says that there was an agreement to "address those issues and figure that part of my life out so that potentially, I could come back with a different energy and adapt to a different game plan."

Former General Hospital actor Brandon Barash stepped in to take over Christopher's Days role. Eventually, Barash took it over permanently.

Christopher explains that in the time that he's spent away from acting, he's been writing a book about what he's gone through. He's analyzed the impact his career choice has had on his personal life, and he is in the process of moving to Arkansas. Tyler explains that he will be the director of development for Skipstone Pictures, and his move will facilitate jumping into that role.

However, it doesn't sound as if Tyler is necessarily done with acting work, or soaps, for good. General Hospital fans have always expected Nikolas to return from the dead at some point, and speculation about this potentiality started in earnest again once Christopher left DOOL. Apparently, it's not an idea that's entirely off the table.
"If the timing is right and they want to bring that character back to life, then obviously, we can talk and see where I'm at with my new ventures and in my life. If everything works out, I can move my family back to Los Angeles."
Spencer, Laura, and Lulu could certainly benefit from having Nikolas back in Port Charles at this point. In addition, viewers would be thrilled to see this particular Cassadine return to challenge Valentin -- like perhaps nobody else can.

There's no sign, given the latest General Hospital spoilers via SheKnows Soaps, that the show is headed in this direction. However, fans remain hopeful that perhaps Tyler Christopher can return as Nikolas Cassadine, working to shake things up in Port Charles again at some point.