Polina Glen, The Russian Bombshell Dating Johnny Depp, Goes Viral For Skimpy Bikini Pictures On Instagram

Polina GlenInstagram

Polina Glen has gotten some viral attention in recent days as the rumored girlfriend of actor Johnny Depp, and now, the Russian bombshell is getting even more viral interest, thanks to some very skimpy bikini pictures she posted on Instagram.

The Russian beauty had taken to the picture-sharing site to post some snaps of herself in a revealing red bikini, which are circulating on social media.

As The Daily Mail reported, Glen is believed to be about 30 years Depp’s junior and connected with the actor after the two met at a party in Los Angeles last year. As a source told The Daily Mail, Depp liked the idea of a fresh start with a woman who didn’t know about his recent baggage.

“She was just chilling at the party and didn’t know who he was when he came over to introduce himself. They hit it off,” a source told the tabloid.

“He’s got legal issues with his ex-wife and then here’s this beautiful young Russian dancer, that doesn’t want anything and doesn’t even know who he is. The Russian girls don’t know him. They have no clue about actors and people always look different in person. When she found out who he was, she was happy.”

Glen had been spotted with Depp outside of a hotel in Belgrade, Serbia, but at the time was only identified as a “mystery woman.” The Daily Mail confirmed her identity as the Russian beauty, who operates a business that sells herbal tea from a region in northwest Russia.

Pop Culture also identified Glen as a “go-go dancer” in her native Russia, where she also owns and operates a dance school.

The recent reports connecting Polina Glen to Johnny Depp have led to a surge in interest on her social media page. Glen saw a boost in followers and many new comments on her bikini pictures, despite being posted last summer.

As the Daily Mail report noted, Glen’s Instagram page is a tribute to her jet-setting lifestyle, with many pictures showing her trips to tropical locales.

“Polina, who is a fully qualified travel guide and Italian translator, has two sizzling images of herself clad in a red bikini whilst paddling in Italian waters last summer,” the report noted.

There are still no reports confirming a relationship between Johnny Depp and Polina Glen, and the two have yet to go “Instagram official” by appearing together in a shot on the social media site.