Prince William Might Have Cheated On Kate Middleton Before, Alleges Royal Reporter

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In 2013, Netflix released a documentary called The Royals. There was little fanfare at the time, but in a curious move, The Express decided to republish, five years later, an excerpt from the documentary of royal reporter Jennie Bond talking about William’s love life.

“We don’t know much about William’s love affairs… but he managed to keep it very quiet, I’m not quite sure how, but he did. He managed it,” said Bond.

“I think he put himself about a bit.”

Jennie Bond is considered a veteran of royal reporting and worked as the royal reporter for the BBC. In addition, she herself very close to the royals. She covered a multitude of events, such as the two royal weddings of Charles and Andrew, the divorce of those two marriages, and the death of Princess Diana. She was even present in Australia when an assassination attempt was made on the Prince of Wales.

Though the comment received little attention at the time, royal fans are looking back at the interview and wondering if the royal reporter was dropping some hints. After all, Prince William started dating Kate Middleton during their sophomore year of university, and the pair continued to date for the next nine years, barring two short breakups. So how many love affairs could the prince have had?

Going through the archives of older articles, the British media did occasionally reference possible dalliances. For example, a 2007 article in The Evening Standard mentioned William’s “roving eye.”

“He has always had a roving eye, far more so than Harry, who is meant to be the family playboy. That’s something Kate has always known and accepted – it was part of the deal, if you like. I suppose in that respect, she would have made a perfect Princess of Wales.”

Per Marie Claire, royal reporter Katie Nichols explained that the Duchess of Cambridge had previously had worried about the possibility of William cheating during their college days.

“A number of things had caused her to question William’s commitment, although she had not raised them with him yet. One was William’s friendship with an American heiress called Anna Sloan.”

Rumors today are suggesting that the future king had an affair with his country neighbor, the former model and current Marchioness of Cholmondeley, Rose Hanbury.

Rose hanbury with sister Marina
Rose Hanbury (left) with her sister MarinaFeatured image credit: Chris JacksonGetty Images

The rumor mill went into overdrive after a reporter from The Times of London seemed to verify the rumor in a tweet and then when William threatened the press with legal action for reporting on the matter, as reported by The Inquisitr.

Yesterday, Prince William — and his alleged affair — was trending on Twitter throughout most of the day.