Prince William, Kate Middleton Have Reportedly Visited Harry & Meghan At Frogmore Cottage

Stephen PondGetty Images

Prince William and Kate Middleton visited Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at their new home at Frogmore Cottage amid rumors that the two brothers can barely stand each other, as Harper’s Bazaar reports.

Harry and Meghan moved to Frogmore Cottage, an ancient Windsor family property, at the beginning of April after having lived literally right next door to William and Kate in adjoining apartments at Kensington Palace. And while the move came amid rumors of a feud between Markle and her sister-in-law Kate, an alternative explanation for the move is that the couple, with their baby on the way, simply needed to move on in their own lives.

Moving away a few miles might have put some geographical distance between the two couples, but it doesn’t seem to have put any emotional distance between them. In fact, on Easter Sunday, sources say, William and Kate stopped by Harry and Meghan’s new digs for a perfectly pleasant post-church visit.

“William and Catherine visited because Meghan was unable to attend the service. They wanted to be supportive and see how she is doing. It was a lovely afternoon.”

The purported visit comes amid new rumors that Princes William and Harry can’t stand each other.

Just hours earlier, at Easter Sunday church services at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, the two men purportedly couldn’t stand being in the same room with each other. As The Inquisitr reports, body language expert Judi James says she could see the visible tension between the brothers.

“Watching them at the Easter service was almost like watching strangers.”

However, the fact that William and Kate made it a point to visit with Harry and Meghan at Frogmore after church, without making a point of telling the media about it, seems to put a damper on the rumors of the supposed feud between the dukes.

As to why the brothers are reportedly fighting, that’s anybody’s guess. But the rumor mill seems content to conclude that Harry and Meghan moved away because the brothers aren’t getting along. Or, as earlier rumors suggested, it’s because the sisters-in-law don’t get along.

Meanwhile, a royal source reports that Harry and Meghan are quite happy with their new home, into which they poured millions of pounds to renovate and baby-proof.

“Meg and Harry are really settled in now. It’s truly a lovely home and they have done such a great job with the space. So much light and positive energy. I couldn’t think of a better place to start a family.”