Daily Dose Of ‘General Hospital’ For Thursday: Oscar Takes The Quartermaine Name

Craig SjodinABC Press

Thursday’s episode of General Hospital had Oscar’s family trying to spend as much time as they possibly can with him before he dies. It won’t be long before actor Garren Stitt, who debuted as Oscar Nero in 2017, will be leaving the ABC soap. His character’s fate is inevitable at this point, so now he is just being made comfortable until his time comes.

Oscar was surrounded by his family on Thursday. Monica, Kim, Drew, and Joss were there, and Cameron and Liz showed up later on. General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central indicates that Jason will be visiting with his nephew on Friday. Oscar has been making requests this past week. One of them occurred on Thursday’s show. He told Monica and Kim that he would like to add Quartermaine to his name.

Needless to say, Monica was thrilled. She told him that he has always been a Quartermaine, but adding his name would make it official. Kim agreed, so he is now Oscar Nero Quartermaine.

The family’s reaction was a good one, but Cam just had to get in a little jab about that. He told Oscar that it was a way to elevate his social status.

After Oscar asked if he was jealous, Cam stated, “Are you kidding? The Quatermaines are actually insane. No offense.”

Monica certainly wasn’t offended by that comment as everyone knows just how crazy they really are. However, they are always there for their family when needed.

Jason is expected to show up on Friday, and Oscar will ask to see him alone. He will make some type of request to him. Also, as previously detailed by The Inquisitr, he will have a talk with both Jason and Drew. General Hospital previews tease that Oscar will want the twin brothers to try their best to bond. He wants them to find a way to be brothers instead of strangers as they are right now.

May sweeps are coming up quickly, and spoilers suggest that Oscar’s life will be coming to an end during that time. Kim, Drew, and Josslyn will be devastated, despite knowing what’s coming. Look for Ingo Rademacher to be coming back as Josslyn’s dad, Jax, on May 7. That most likely indicates that either Oscar will be gone by then or Jax will show up right before that to comfort his daughter through this tragedy.

Keep watching General Hospital these coming weeks to see how Oscar’s family handles the end of his life.