British Media Slammed For Focusing On Meghan Markle’s Every Slip-Up But Ignoring William’s Alleged Affair

Chris JacksonGetty Images

For months, the British media and specifically the country’s celebrity tabloids have been focused on Meghan Markle’s slip-ups, with frequent stories about how the American actress committed small breaches in royal protocol.

But now that same media has fallen silent amid allegations that Prince William has been cheating on wife Kate Middleton, and that disparity has many people angry.

Many are taking to social media to call out the British media for refusing to acknowledge the allegations that Prince William has been having an affair with Rose Hanbury, who The Inquisitr noted is a royal figure herself in the same circles as Kate and William. While there have been some stories about Hanbury, British media has been careful not to delve into the actual allegations of cheating and have not been critical of Prince William.

As many point out, Meghan Markle has never been afforded that same level of protection. Markle saw a major spotlight in the weeks and months leading up to and following her wedding with Prince Harry. The Express had just covered one of those alleged breaches in protocol just this month for sitting incorrectly in the presence of Queen Elizabeth.

“She crossed her legs,” noted royal etiquette and protocol expert William Hanson. “Now, traditionally ladies didn’t cross at the knee – you don’t see the Queen do it. You have to look like a member of the Royal Family. If we saw the Queen slouching for example, she is suddenly not going to look like the Queen.”

Other stories have focused on Markle’s tiny slip-ups at public events and spread rumors that she is in something of a rivalry with Kate Middleton.

The disparity in attention between Meghan Markle and Prince William’s alleged affair is not lost on Twitter.

There could be more to the story about the British media’s silence about Prince William’s alleged affair. As The Inquisitr noted, there are rumors that Prince William himself ordered a media blackout on the affair, leading the media to back off its reporting and even deleting some references to the alleged infidelity.

Some critics saw racism in the disparity in coverage, noting that the mixed-race Meghan Markle has always seemed to see more scrutiny from British media for slight infractions like crossing her legs. As The Voice noted, some royal experts agree with this idea, saying that much of the criticism aimed at Markle has been steeped in racism.