‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8 Theory: Melisandre Is Hiding In Plain Sight


As yet, Melisandre (Carice van Houten) has not made an appearance in Season 8 of HBO’s Game of Thrones. However, some fans have a theory that she is there, simply hiding in plain sight.

Even though Melisandre resurrected Jon Snow (Kit Harington), Season 6 of Game of Thrones also saw Jon banishing Melisandre from the North. She then remained absent from Jon’s sight and told Varys that she would be heading to Volantis. Melisandre also made it clear that she would have to return to Westeros someday, citing that both her and Varys (Conleth Hill) were destined to die there.

However, according to Inverse, a new Game of Thrones fan theory sees Melisandre actually appearing in Episode 2 of Season 8 as she returns to Winterfell to help in the great battle against the Night King (Vladimir Furdik) and his dead army.

According to the theory, which was posted to Reddit, Melisandre was actually the small girl with the burnt face who spoke to Ser Davos (Liam Cunningham) and Gilly (Hannah Murray). In Episode 2 of Game of Thrones Season 8, the small girl appeared and offered the help fight. Gilly convinced the girl to come down and help protect the crypt beneath Winterfell.

Davos, however, was shaken as the small girl had a burn on one side of her face and was obviously comparing the child to Stannis Baratheon’s (Stephen Dillane) daughter, Shireen (Kerry Danielle Ingram). Davos was very fond of Shireen, who ended up being sacrificed by Melisandre to the Lord of Light.

Liam Cunningham stars as Ser Davos
Featured image credit: Helen SloanHBO

Already, viewers know that Melisandre can alter her appearance after it was revealed she is, in fact, a very old woman in Season 6 of Game of Thrones. So, it is not outside the realm of reason for Melisandre to be able to appear much younger still.

The theory also suggests that Melisandre is planning to be of use in the Winterfell crypt. Previously, The Inquisitr has reported on another Game of Thrones theory that sees the dead Starks in the crypt below Winterfell being raised from the dead to fight in the Night King’s army. As a result of this, it seems possible that Melisandre is anticipating this and hoping to be of some assistance there. And, by disguising herself, it would keep her out of Jon’s sight.

In addition, as is pointed out in the initial Melisandre Reddit theory thread, Varys will also be in the crypt. This could, potentially, tie in with the conversation she had with Varys about them both dying in Westeros.

However, as per usual with any Game of Thrones fan theory, viewers will just have to tune in to further episodes to find out if this one is correct or not.

Season 8 of Game of Thrones returns to HBO with Episode 3 on Sunday, April 28, at 9 p.m. ET.