Pete Davidson And Kate Beckinsale Reportedly Split As Public Spotlight Grew Too Much For Kate

Nathan Francis

Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale have reportedly split, with a new report claiming that the pressure of the very public relationship grew too much for the actress.

The Saturday Night Live star sparked quite a bit of interest for the relationship with the actress two decades his senior, especially after coming off a very high-profile breakup with singer Ariana Grande. Davidson and Beckinsale made a splash when they were spotted taking in a hockey game and engaging in some PDA, and celebrity news outlets seemed to keep tabs of their every move from there.

As a report from the New York Post's Page Six noted, that pressure was just too much for Kate.

"Even though Kate has been in Hollywood for a long time, she struggled with the attention on her relationship with Pete. He lives his life with his heart on his sleeve," a source told the outlet.

The report of their split came just a day after other reports claimed that Davidson and Beckinsale had decided to cool things off. The People Magazine report did not say that the two were breaking up, but quoted a source who said that they were going to pump the brakes after a hot and heavy start to the romance.

"Pete and Kate got super serious very fast but they've decided to slow things down a bit," the insider told the celebrity news outlet.

There was also an independent report from E! News late on Thursday confirming that Pete Davidson and Pete Beckinsale had split, with a source saying that the romance had simply run its course. It was not clear from the report exactly when they had split, but it seemed to be some time in the past as a source said that the two have remained good friends after the breakup.

Davidson and Beckinsale had not been seen together in several weeks, with their last public appearance a dinner with Beckinsale's mother and stepfather in Los Angeles. The long absence from the public eye had started to raise rumors that the two had split, though a source had told People Magazine just this week that they were still together.

Representatives for Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale did not comment on the report that they have split.