Lollipop-Sucking Lyna Perez Spills Out Of Itsy-Bitsy Top On Instagram

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Even bikini models deserve a break. Lyna Perez seems to be taking one.

On April 25, the American sensation updated her Instagram. The girl whose bio introduces herself as “basically [living] in a bikini” may not be donning a two-piece, but she’s isn’t depriving her fans.

Today sees Perez outdoors. A backdrop of natural rockface and green shrubbery suggests a hot climate. A tiny outfit almost guarantees it. Lyna’s bold red top comes resembling a swimsuit. With a bra-like core, a knot-tied flourish, and a strappy waistband, it seems to serve its purpose in keeping things bright, skin-tight, and very exposed. Prominent cleavage and underboob are likely proving the focal point for most viewers, although there’s plenty more to look at. For starters, Lyna appears to be sucking on a lollipop. The treat is on the tip of Perez’s tongue – a second slide shows a touch more biting.

In fitting with the playful accessory and pigtail hairdo, Lyna’s tiny white mini skirt is likewise upbeat. Decorative red cherries with green stems dot it. Given that the lollipop is green and red with a white stick, everything seems to be matching up today. Lyna is looking right at the camera in the first snap. The second seems more pensive as she almost gazes upwards.

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Today doesn’t just come with pictures. It comes with a promise, as Lyna’s caption suggests. The challenge to “spell out” a lollipop “letter by letter” comes with a ticking clock. Whoever does so fastest is promised a “private dm.” Lyna then encourages her fans to “GO.”

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Who's going to let me ruin their life?????

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Fans appear to be following instructions. Alongside spelling the “lollipop” word, one asked “how many licks it takes to get to the center.” Another hoped to receive a lollipop courtesy of Lyna – “it’s my birthday,” they wrote.

While Lyna’s selection of candy could be argued to closer resemble a popsicle, the model seems crystal-clear that it’s a lollipop.

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When you try & be cute but fail miserably❤️

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Food has featured on Lyna’s Instagram before. The above video came back in October 2018. It also proved somewhat humorous. Lyna attempting to be “cute” but “[failing] miserably” was volunteered as a caption. The post also likely proved popular for being a video and featuring a Nicki Minaj song. A raunchier “Hoechella” video from Lyna was documented by The Inquisitr on April 17.

Lyna’s growing fame is best manifested by her celebrity following. Cardi B follows her (and is followed back). Perez’s account also keeps tabs on Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and fellow models Demi Rose and Sierra Skye.