Amanda Cerny Soaks Up Some Sun In Sexy Black Nightgown

Amanda Cerny is no longer modeling for Playboy, but that hasn't stopped the brunette bombshell from keeping busy. In the past month, the young starlet has traveled all around the world, and she's been keeping a record of her travels on her Instagram profile. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Cerny recently made a trip to India, where she caught up with old friends, posed with a cow, visited an ancient Hindu temple, and attended YouTube FanFest Mumbai 2019, where she wore a traditional Indian sari and showed off some killer dance moves.

Shortly after she returned from her trip abroad, Cerny -- like many other celebs, models, and influencers her age -- made her way to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, which was recently held in Indio, California. The festival caters to a variety of genre enthusiasts, with musical performances from rock, pop, indie, electronic, and hip hop artists, and it has become a well-known vacation destination for young celebs, influencers, and millennials alike. As reported by The Inquisitr, Cerny stopped by plenty of parties and side events while she visited Coachella, though she took the time to post plenty of pics for her fans.

Even though the Coachella festival wrapped up last week, it seems Amanda has already hit up another popular tourist destination. In her most recent Instagram pic, Cerny can be seen posing in the sun, her chestnut locks cascading down the side of her left arm. Rather than posing on her feet, Amanda is kneeling on the ground, with one arm blocking out the sun and the other holding up part of her black nightgown, offering viewers a glimpse at her toned legs. The model is closing her eyes for the photo and has accessorized with a nude lip, a face full of makeup, and a light touch of mascara and eyeshadow.

It's not entirely clear where Amanda is posing for the picture, but the geotag information in the post indicates it was taken in West Palm Beach, Florida. If it's to be believed, it looks like she has since traded in the coasts of California for the sunny beaches of Florida.

Unsurprisingly, Cerny's pic has proved popular with her nearly 25 million Instagram followers, racking up over 1.2 million comments and 3,600 comments on this particular photo, which was posted a couple of days ago. Her fans were sure to leave plenty of positive comments, many of which were penned in Hindi -- a sign that she has attracted a whole new fanbase during her recent trip to India.