Jessa Duggar Seewald’s Unique Response To Being Called A Liar Has Fans Cheering

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Jessa Duggar has done it again. She has become the queen of comebacks whenever comments are made slamming her, or her loved ones, whenever photos of their kids are posted. Just recently, the TLC star showed off a few photos of her oldest son, Spurgeon, all dressed up in a cute outfit. It sounds pretty innocent until someone gave the impression that she was lying.

Jessa, who is expecting her third child in June, shared the snapshots of her 3-year-old outside discovering some interesting pine cones in the yard. He is dressed up in a long sleeve shirt with a vest over it and a bow tie attached. He is also wearing a pair of knee-length denim shorts and matching leather high-tops. Spurgeon’s curly hair is slicked back a bit. He looks a like a little man. Even family friend Sierra had commented that he looks like he has suddenly turned 12.

The Duggar daughter started out by letting everyone know that her post was not sponsored. She just wanted to let her fans know of a sale going on at a children’s consignment shop next week. However, someone called Jessa out saying that she is sure that the post was sponsored and went on to say that the photos are also professionally done.

The mom-of-two was not having it. As she has done many times before, Jessa Duggar clapped back in her own unique response. She has a way with comebacks that are firm, yet nicely stated. She actually thanked that person for complimenting her.

“Well I’m not a professional photographer, but thank you for the compliment. It’s called ‘portrait’ mode on the iPhone.”

That was her way of saying that nothing about it was professionally done. Fans loved her response, calling it “diplomatic.”

One person seemed to sum it all up.

“Sucks when you try to be rude and she just brushes off her shoulder and thanks you…doesn’t it!!” they posted.

Despite the one negative comment, most were all about how adorable Spurgeon is in his little man outfit. Pretty soon, the Seewalds will have another little one to dress up. Fans are hoping that the third one will end up being a girl. Spurgeon is an experienced big brother now and Henry soon will be.

Another season of TLC’s Counting On is expected to air sometime later this year. Jessa Duggar’s pregnancy, and most likely delivery of this new baby, will be just one of the highlights when the show returns.