Kim Kardashian’s Son Has A Bizarre Allergy, And It Landed Him In The Emergency Room

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April 25 brings an interesting headline from the Kardashian family. Kris Jenner has been collating her stories as a grandmother, and she’s just revealed an interesting one.

Refinery29 has been interviewing the 63-year-old “momager” on everything from Mother’s Day to Kylie Jenner being the world’s youngest billionaire. A simple enough question presented itself – was Kris able to recall her “most memorable late-night call?” The response is teaching the world that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s son, Saint, may have a bizarre allergy.

“The most recent one that comes to mind is a week ago or so when we went to Palm Springs and Saint, my little grandson, we discovered he might be allergic to grass. We ended up in the E.R., but all is well — we figured it out,” Kris Jenner said.

Saint is Kim and Kanye’s middle child. He is a sibling to a 5-year-old North and a 1-year-old Chicago. Interestingly, this Kardashian child doesn’t appear to be the only family member with an allergy. Kris also revealed that Kourtney Kardashian’s son, Mason had a peanut butter intolerance “for the longest time.” Reassuringly, Kris added that Mason is “fine now.”

Kim frequently shares her motherhood stories on social media. Earlier this month, The Daily Mail reported Kim taking to Twitter following Saint experiencing an allergic reaction. Grass wasn’t specified as being the possible cause.

“It doesn’t benefit you to not be calm. But let me tell you when one of my kids get injured or anything and I’m screaming and freaking everyone out,” the first tweet read. A second and more-intense one followed.

“I did it this weekend when my Sainty had an allergic reaction and I jumped over the table like a hurdle lol Screamed call 911 and Khloe had to calm me down! I’m either super zen or so dramatic.”

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Saint’s possible allergy to grass comes as both surprising and a little saddening. Keeping Up With The Kardashians frequently shows this family’s children running around outdoors. While the Kardashian backyards are substantially larger than the average American outdoor space, they are nonetheless composed of the same natural setting: grass.

Kris’s interview continued to outline her life as a grandmother. “Extra” gifts from Kourtney were mentioned. Likewise, Kylie Jenner’s billionaire status was brought up.

“I feel like she’s 100% self-made in the true sense of the word,” Kris said.

Saint has recently featured on his mother’s Instagram. His status as Kim and Kanye’s only son is set to change next month. The fourth Kardashian baby — due via a surrogate — will be a boy.