Spoilers For Friday’s ‘General Hospital’: Maxie’s Confident, Nina’s Asking Questions, And Lulu’s Back

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Friday’s episode may be another one free of Dawn of Day drama. The sneak peek shared at the end of Thursday’s show signals that viewers will see some action connected to Maxie, Nina, Lulu, and Peter. There will also be scenes involving Michael and Sasha, Carly and Sonny, as well as Anna and Robert.

Lulu has been away from Port Charles for a little while, but General Hospital spoilers tease that she’s ready to return home. Viewers watched as Laura reached out to her daughter via phone, and previews seem to reveal that she’ll be back in Port Charles as of Friday’s show.

She Knows Soaps indicates that Lulu will have a surprise of some sort for Peter, and it appears that her surprise will be that she is back in town. Based on the brief glimpse of Lulu incorporated into that video clip, it looks as if Lulu is in pretty great spirits and ready to embrace life back home again.

In addition, Soap Central suggests that Peter is caught off guard by something coming up during Friday’s show. It seems likely that it will be Lulu’s return that causes this, but it may also be something connected to Maxie.

Maxie will be preparing for a date with Peter, but Nina isn’t feeling terribly supportive. General Hospital spoilers detail that something will cause Nina to suggest to Maxie that it’s a sign to reschedule her date. Luckily, this doesn’t slow Maxie down, as she quickly quips a simple “no” and continues on.

Nina will be stunned by something, but it’s not clear yet what it is that surprises her, and it is easy to envision this being related to Maxie, Lulu, Sasha, or something else. Previews also show that Michael and Sasha will spend some additional time together, but it looks like the scenario might be a bit complicated.

Sasha appears to be in a room at General Hospital as a patient for some reason, and Michael appears at the door. She’ll mention that she had told him she was no good for him, and he’ll charmingly smile. Spoilers haven’t surfaced regarding what’s behind this interaction, but it may be part of what has Nina feeling shocked.

Sonny and Carly will spend time with Avery, and Robert will continue to needle Anna about Finn. General Hospital spoilers hint that the April 26 show will have plenty of entertaining tidbits incorporated, and all signs point to a wild May sweeps period playing out over the next few weeks.