Lily Allen Goes Topless On Instagram While Joking About Getting Banned From The Social Media Platform

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Lily Allen was seemingly trying to get herself banned from Instagram.

In a since-deleted video posted to her account earlier today, the “Smile” singer quite literally bares it all for the cameras. According to The Daily Mail, Allen pushed the envelope with an extremely racy clip that was shot in her dressing room. In the short clip, Allen can be seen flaunting her flawless figure for the cameras while wearing only blue panties.

On top, the singer wears nothing and her breasts are exposed for all of her followers to see. In the NSFW video, Allen rocks her signature short haircut along with a face full of makeup including bright red lipstick. She gives fans a full view of her smoking hot body while panning the camera up and down so followers can see just about everything.

One of Lily’s friends can be heard in the background, suggesting that Lily not share the video on social media.

“F***ing hell they better not be going on Instagram,” the unnamed friend can be heard saying.

“Get banned for that, life ban,” Lily replies to her friend.

The video has since been deleted from the 33-year-old’s account, but it is not clear if Instagram was the one to remove the video or if Lily ended up taking it down on her own. And since the scandalous post went live, The Daily Mail reached out to Allen’s reps for comment but they have not yet replied.

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But this is not the first time in recent weeks that Allen has pushed the envelope on the social media platform. Earlier this week, the singer shared an Easter post with another NSFW photo. In the first photo in the series, the British singer wows fans with another topless picture. In this particular image, the brunette beauty wears bunny ears in her hair and covers her breasts with two chick emojis.

The next photo in the series is a little bit more PG with Lily sporting a bright pink wig and a set of bunny ears on stage at one of her concerts. The post has earned the musician a ton of attention with over 143,000 likes in addition to 500-plus comments. While most fans commented on the post to wish her a happy Easter, countless others chimed in on the singer’s sexy look.

“Didn’t know there was an Easter contest, but you just won,” one follower wrote.

“Happy Easter!.. Sugar Bunny Lover,” another commented.

Fans can follow all of Allen’s adventures on her Instagram.