Daytona Crash: NASCAR Blocks Fan Video [VIDEO]

The Daytona crash in the final lap of Saturday’s Nationwide race has done more than provide a rising toll of victims. NASCAR officials created a mini-scandal when they raced at top speed to block a fan’s You Tube video of the dramatic accident, reported T. C. Sottek of The Verge.

At least 28 fans required treatment for their injuries after Kyle Larson’s car went through the fence. Unlike Monday’s spin-out incident, Larson was not to blame for the dramatic accident.

“Leader Regan Smith attempted to block Brad Keselowski for the win, triggering a horrific pileup,” explained Jenna Fryer in a story for The Huffington Post.

Most sports organizations try to claim all rights for videotapes of their events. Thus, NASCAR took down the video of the Daytona crash. Erik Wemple for The Washington Post noticed that the video quickly disappeared and reached out to You Tube.

You Tube agreed that the Daytona crash fan video didn’t infringe anyone’s copyright. When over two dozen people are hurt, some seriously, it’s legitimate news, not just sports coverage.

NASCAR backtracked, telling The Verge that they removed the piece out of consideration for the fans. Their statement reads, “The fan video was blocked on YouTube out of respect for those injured in today’s accident. Information on the status of those fans was unclear.”

Well, maybe. Because nothing says concern for the fans like removing one of their videos.

At least for now, you can see the disputed Daytona crash video right here. Warning: the startled viewers indulge in some profane language.