Taylor Mega Busts Out Of Swimsuit Under Dripping-Wet Shower On Instagram

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Something about Taylor Mega’s name is adding up today.

On April 25, the Italian sensation updated her Instagram. A dripping-wet setting shows Taylor taking what appears to be an outdoor shower. Water pouring from a rainfall head is covering the model in moisture, although this girl comes prepared. Clad in a swimsuit bearing her “Mega” moniker, Taylor appears appropriately clad. Connoisseurs of this girl’s entrepreneurial side will also spot the link – Taylor is founder and CEO of swimwear brand Mega Swim.

Today’s swimsuit might not flaunt what a two-piece does, but it isn’t hiding Taylor’s body. A high cut at the hip showcases this model’s slender waist and toned thighs. A contrasting low cut at the chest manages to throw fans both ample cleavage and a hint of sideboob. With her eyes closed and her left hand placed on her head, Taylor seems more focused on washing her hair than being provocative. Any efforts to achieve the latter don’t appear necessary, though. Fans are all over this update.

With an almost-exclusively Italian fanbase, very few of today’s comments are in English. One fan did, however, call Taylor the “only Queen.” The “E basta” comment that appears most-liked translates to “and enough.”

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With just a glimpse of blue skyline and background greenery amid the shower setting, this model could be anywhere. A geo-tag helpfully informs fans that Taylor is in Vietnam. The location echoes a post made yesterday – this one came with eye-popping cleavage and an infinity pool setting. A picture posted one day earlier put Mega at the Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai.

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Drippin & Splashin ????

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Exotic, Far-Eastern locations have proven popular with celebrities of late. Late 2018 saw the Kardashians take a family vacation to Bali. Photos of their luxury getaway were shared on social media and collated by People.

Taylor has 1.5 million Instagram followers. Whether or not her legal last name is Mega remains unclear. With her Instagram bio giving only contact details, agency mentions, and a link to her swimwear line, this girl feels a touch off-the-grid. That said, Taylor does appear to be quite the globetrotter. Her Instagram geo-tags point toward luxurious vacations in Dubai, The Maldives, and the Greek island of Mykonos. Many come with geo-tags from high-end hotels.

Despite little to suggest that Taylor travels to the U.S., her Instagram does seem to keep up with America’s famous faces. Taylor follows Keeping Up With the Kardashians stars Kylie and Kendall Jenner. She, likewise, follows rapper Nicki Minaj and supermodel Bella Hadid.