Wendy Williams Reportedly Feeling ‘Healthier, Happier, Stronger’ Following Split From Kevin Hunter

Dave KotinskyGetty Images

The new chapter in Wendy Williams’ life is looking up. The talk show host served her husband Kevin Hunter with divorce papers earlier this month and has since been cutting all ties with the allegedly abusive and unfaithful executive producer. Williams just recently moved into a New York apartment without Hunter, which she signed a one-year lease for a few weeks ago. A source told Hollywood Life this week that she is doing much better physically, emotionally, and mentally.

The Wendy Williams Show host had been living in a sober house in Queens, New York, for several weeks as she battled addiction, but her permanent residence had been in a New Jersey home with Hunter. Upon completing her stay at the sober house, Williams reportedly decided it was best to move to a new address. The source revealed that she made the big move to an apartment in Manhattan by herself over the last weekend.

“She is feeling healthier, happier and stronger than ever,” the source said of Williams’ attitude following the split. “After announcing her divorce and getting Kevin off of her show and out of her life, she is ready to move forward.”

They added that Williams did not want to go back to a home filled with memories, some negative, of her time with Hunter. The two married in 1997 and share a 19-year-old son, Kevin Hunter Jr.

News recently broke that police had been called to the New Jersey home back in January, according to Page Six. An anonymous caller claimed that Hunter had been trying to poison his wife, resulting in a welfare check. Williams reportedly broke down in tears and denied the accusation against her husband.

Williams’ decision to move away from Hunter came after months of thinking it over, the source explained.

“She has been planning this split for a long time and has been really looking forward to starting all over again,” they said. “Wendy signed the new lease on her new apartment weeks ago and is excited to be single and in the city as a successful, sexy, independent woman. She is thrilled about this new chapter in her life and feels unstoppable.”

Williams’ split from her husband did not end with the move. Hunter was also fired as executive producer of her talk show, a role he held for several years. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Williams also created separate bank accounts to ensure that Hunter will not have access to her money.