‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Oscar Focus Of Upcoming Episode As Port Charles Faces His Death

Craig SjodinABC

Oscar and his loved ones have had a very difficult few months, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that the teen’s illness will soon take his life. New teasers give a better sense of when this will happen, and there is an episode coming soon that will be entirely focused on Oscar and these difficult goodbyes.

As The Inquisitr recently shared, new General Hospital spoilers have revealed that indeed, Oscar will die as a result of his cancer. Fans had been hoping for a last-minute miracle, but it seems it’s not going to come. It has been detailed that the teen’s passing would come during May sweeps, which start now, but now it seems fans will need to brace for this to come quite soon.

She Knows Soaps shares that the episode airing on Wednesday, May 1, will be a special episode that is dedicated entirely to Oscar and his last moments with his loved ones. While the latest General Hospital spoilers don’t pinpoint for certain that Oscar will die during this episode, it seems likely.

More specifically, viewers will see Elizabeth touch base with Dr. Terry, and Trina will pop up to lend her support to Cameron. Julian will reach out to Kim, and of course, there should be some emotional scenes involving Josslyn as she grasps for a few more moments with her first love.

Not much about Drew has been noted in these latest General Hospital spoilers. However, he will be around as well. Before things progress to the point of this Oscar-focused episode, Soap Central details that Jason will visit his nephew and for some reason, Josslyn will get angry with Cameron.

The Inquisitr has reported that Jax will return to Port Charles in large part to help Josslyn navigate her grief after Oscar’s death. It is known that Jax will first appear during the May 7 episode, and it sounds as if there are some juicy storyline developments on the horizon for him.

It seems likely that even those viewers who are tired of the Oscar storyline will be impacted by the powerful scenes ahead. The teen’s death will impact many central characters in Port Charles, and there is little doubt that cast members like Billy Miller (Drew), Tamara Braun (Kim), Laura Wright (Carly), and Eden McCoy (Josslyn) will deliver heartbreaking performances.

Will Kim and Julian’s relationship hold together as she grieves the loss of her only son? Could Kim and Drew find their way back to one another as they work through their shared loss? Additional General Hospital spoilers will emerge in the coming days as everybody braces themselves for the death of teen Oscar Nero.