Daily Dose Of ‘General Hospital’: Harmony Keeps Willow’s Baby Secret

Michael YadaABC Press

It was finally confirmed this week on General Hospital that Harmony is indeed Willow Tait’s mother. They are both connected to Shiloh and Dawn of Day, but Willow was able to escape the cult. That hasn’t stopped Harmony from doing her best to convince her daughter to come back to the fold.

During their meeting at Kelly’s, Willow was surprised when Harmony told her that she knows about the pregnancy. She found a pregnancy test in the trash after her daughter fled Dawn of Day. Now, she wants to see her grandchild. Willow had to think quickly, as she doesn’t want Shiloh to know that she had his baby. Soap Central indicated that she would be deceptive this week, and now General Hospital viewers know the details on that spoiler.

Willow told Harmony that she was pregnant with Shiloh’s baby boy, but that she miscarried her child. Of course, that’s a lie, but she will do anything to make sure Wiley, whom she believes is her son, is safe from Shiloh. Willow was surprised that her mother never told Shiloh about her being pregnant. Harmony promised that she would keep her secret.

However, Harmony did try to convince Willow to rejoin her Dawn of Day family. Willow then blasted her mom for not protecting her from Shiloh. She ended up in tears and ran out the door. Harmony went back to the house to tell Shiloh that Willow still refused to return. She also informed him that she wanted to head back to Beecher’s Corners.

Now that fans know that Willow is Harmony’s daughter, the question still remains on whether she is her biological child or if she was adopted. Fans are still convinced that it will eventually be revealed that Willow is Nina’s real daughter. It could turn out that Willow has no idea that she was adopted and that is a secret that Harmony has kept from her.

It stands to reason that Harmony had given Shiloh her trust pledge when she first became a Dawn of Day member. Could it be that she confessed something about her daughter’s true parentage? He would definitely have something over her, like he has with all of his followers, to keep them from leaving.

Shiloh doesn’t seem to have any fear of anyone taking him down. Little does he know that Sam, who has now gained his trust, is manipulating him into thinking she is now a follower. Keep watching to see how this all plays out in the coming weeks on General Hospital.