Madonna Says She Did ‘Madame X’ Album Because She ‘Had No Friends And Was Depressed’

Michael LoccisanoGetty Images for MTV

In a new MTV special, Madonna revealed that the inspiration for her new album Madame X came from an unlikely source.

The music icon premiered the new music video for her Maluma collaboration “Medellín” in London Wednesday and said a major life change is what prompted her to record her 14th studio album, reports The Daily Mail.

“I didn’t go to Lisbon to make a record, that was the last thing on my mind. I went to Lisbon because my son wants to be a professional soccer player and he wasn’t going to have the highest level of training in America.

“So I went to Lisbon to be a soccer mom. That’s the last thing you’d expect from a controversial gal like myself.

“I thought it was going to be super fun and adventurous but then I found myself just going to school and picking up kids and going to soccer matches and really being Netty No Mates, and I got a little bit depressed.”

The singer felt that she needed to meet new people, and ended up being introduced to many painters and musicians.

She was invited to these people’s homes where she began to take part in what was called “Living Room Sessions.”

The artist explained that people would come with wine and food and sit around a table. Then, to her surprise, musicians would get up unexpectedly and play instruments. Being a part of these gatherings led the music star to create new material.

Madonna took a question from one fan who asked if a line from her latest song was a reference to the meaning of Madame X: “Allowed myself to be naïve/To be someone I’ve never been.”

The pop superstar said she meant naïve as in not caring about the opinions of others. She added that she felt she was naïve at the beginning of her career. Madonna explained that being naïve is a good thing because it frees a person from thinking and worrying about being judged or the words and thoughts of others, allowing pure, true expression.

The performer said that in making the album, she wanted to go back to a period in her life when she was just starting her career in New York and she made music without caring about what other people said or thought. Madonna admitted that during that time, she was given the name “Madame X” at 19-years-old, essentially bringing her full circle “back to her roots.”

Madame X is scheduled for release on June 14 and includes contributions from Diplo, Migos’ Quavo, Rae Sremmurd’s Swae Lee, and Anitta.

Madonna is set to perform “Medellín” along with Maluma on May 18 at Eurovision 2019 in Israel.