Madison Beer And Tana Mongeau Flash Cleavage And Underboob In Raunchy Twinning Snap

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Tana Mongeau and Madison Beer are getting close. Both have also made major headlines of late.

Tana is said to be “[replacing] Jordyn Woods” by The Metro. A high-profile Coachella selfie of Kylie Jenner with the YouTuber made the newspaper’s headlines on April 14. In March, Madison split from her boyfriend, Zack Bia, per People.

April 24 brings the two girls together. A photo posted to Mongeau’s Instagram is seeing these ladies in a decidedly party mood. It’s also flashing various amounts of cleavage. The picture shows Tana and Madison twinning in light-colored, distressed jeans. Tana is clad in a tiny black sports bra with a matching hat. Generous as the hat is in covering Tana’s blonde head, the same cannot be said for her athleisurewear-style lingerie. With a hint of underboob and plenty of skin from taut abs and thigh holes, Tana appears to be putting herself on show.

Snuggled up next to her, Madison is likewise proving scantily clad. Her white bustier is shoulder-less, cleavage-flashing, and directly contrasting striped blacks from a jacket sleeve. What looks like a Solo cup hints at a major party scenario.

With a caption that suggests the girls have been “caught b*tching,” something about this update feels risqué.

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The “Hurts Like Hell” singer and internet personality now appear to be forming somewhat of a “squad” duo. Their friendship channels the new-gen form of celebrity communication – mentioning each other on social media. In December 2018, a Twitter post from Mongeau mentioned Beer.

“Imari sang ” and I hope the plug takes Zelle” LIKE MADISON BEER HURTS LIKE HELL F*CKING HELP ME”

With little to explain why the two are together, fans are merely guided by the picture’s Beverly Hills geo-tag and party-centric caption. Given the comments though, many seem to be interpreting the snap as Mongeau celebrating her single status. Life & Style Mag suggested Tana splitting from her boyfriend, Brad Sousa, two days ago. A cheating scandal is said to be the cause of the possible breakup. “Brad who?? We don’t know him,” one fan wrote. Another called Sousa a “simple and stupid farm boy” who was “obsessed” with Mongeau.

Madison has 12.7 million Instagram followers. While Tana’s sits at a more modest 3.3 million, it’s on the rise. A selfie with Kylie Jenner can do wonders for one’s fame.

A touch less provocative, Madison’s Instagram comes with promo for her music and Edward Scissorhands photos. Nonetheless, it harnesses the trendy selfies and seemingly random lifestyle snaps that are now iconic on the platform. Madison does not appear to have shared today’s snap to her account. Given Mongeau’s rising popularity, she likely doesn’t need to.