WWE Rumors: WWE Changing The Name Of A Popular Tag Team For Third Time In Two Weeks


The 2019 edition of the WWE Superstar Shake-Up certainly hasn’t been as smooth as others have been in the past few years. Some moves have been cancelled while others have simply happened without any word or notice. Now, one popular NXT tag team was brought up to be members of Monday Night Raw and they could very well end up having their ring name changed for the third time in just two weeks.

During the first night of the Shake-Up, the NXT Tag Team Champions formerly known as the War Raiders were brought up as The Viking Experience. As reported by The Inquisitr, WWE changed their name again a week later to The Viking Raiders and it was done very quietly on their official website.

It was reported that the original change from “War Raiders” was made when they came up to the main roster because Vince McMahon didn’t like it. The name of “The Viking Experience” received a lot of backlash from fans and social media which may be why the name was changed once more.

While a third change has not yet been confirmed, there was a fan council survey sent out by WWE on Wednesday and it raised an interesting question. Heel By Nature reported that the survey was to get feedback on the WWE Superstar Shake-Up and one of the names stood out above all the rest.

WWE wanted to know which of the moves were most interesting or will make the biggest impact, but one of those listed was “The Viking Warriors.” According to the most recent episode of Monday Night Raw, there is no team going by that name on the red brand and SmackDown Live doesn’t have them either.

It’s blatantly obvious that the survey is referring to The Viking Raiders or The Viking Experience or the War Raiders, but why the different name? When looking at the official website of WWE as of this writing, they are still listed as The Viking Raiders.

It’s no surprise that WWE often changes the ring names of those who are signed by the company and that is for them to hold all rights to them. Vince not liking the name of “War Raiders” is another reason that the first change was made, but now, it’s just turned strange.

Right now, The Viking Raiders are still the NXT Tag Team Champions and are also on the Monday Night Raw roster. They are no longer The Viking Experience and definitely no longer the War Raiders. Only time will tell if they are going by yet another name when they appear on WWE television again.