Jordyn Woods’ Reported 50lb Weight Loss Is Getting Noticed, ‘Ya Losing Weight Sis’

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Jordyn Woods is back in the news.

April 24 appears to be centering around this model’s weight. The Daily Mail reports Jordyn’s recent pictures as “[showing] off” her 50lb weight loss. The newspaper refers to recent pictures posted to Woods’ Instagram – in particular, a selfie showing Woods looking markedly slimmed down compared to older snaps. Jordyn is reported to have lost approximately 50lbs in 2018 following encouragement from “friends.”

Instagram is already leaving its thoughts. A recent update showing Woods in Nigeria may have sparked a convoluted debate on ironing, per The Inquisitr, but it didn’t come without its weight-related remarks. One fan left the following comment.

“Ya losing weight sis I need to catch up on that summer body”

Interestingly, The Daily Mail reports that Jordyn’s weight loss “inspiration” came from Khloe Kardashian. Khloe is said to have reflected on her own weight loss following her divorce from Lamar Odom – it “cleared her head,” the newspaper states. A suggestion of advice from Khloe to Jordyn is then made.

The year 2018 was, of course, a different era. The cheating scandal involving Jordyn and Khloe’s now-ex, Tristan Thompson, was yet to break. Dominating every headline around since February 2019, Khloe’s split from Tristan (and Jordyn’s involvement in it) now comes in a timeline courtesy of Us Weekly.

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Woods has spent significant chunks of time surrounded by a family known for their curves. The entire Kardashian-Jenner clan are renowned for their voluptuous frames. Likewise curvy as Woods may be, she also appears to have channeled the family’s love of fitness. In 2018, Jordyn spoke to E! News about her workouts.

“I have a love-hate relationship with cardio… Weights, squats, I feel like it all plays an important role.”

“I look back to videos of me working out five months ago or two months ago and I’m like, ‘Wow!’ Because I do it every day, so much has changed so fast,” she added. The interview came prior to Jordyn launching her SECNDNTURE athleisurewear brand.

Noteworthy here is that Jordyn may well have lost more than 50lbs. The Daily Mail mentions the figure as Jordyn’s 2018 weight loss. It does not elaborate on whether Jordyn has shed further pounds. The public is nonetheless now seeing an increasingly toned physique, workout snaps, and a model whose business that relies on having a fit-looking spokesperson.

Last year also saw Woods tell The Daily Mail that she had faced backlash over her weight loss. “I’m a size 8/10, and people comment on my photos saying: Oh, you’re not modeling plus-size clothing anymore,” Jordyn said about receiving negative comments. Fortunately, recent ones seem to be encouraging.