Shay Mitchell Shares Racy New Photos As She Channels Sexy Alter Ego, Svetlana

Dia DipasupilGetty Images

Shay Mitchell had quite the photoshoot session recently and shared the new photos to her Instagram timeline Wednesday afternoon. The former Pretty Little Liars star shared five new posts to her social media page, some of which contained smaller photos within them. In each of the new photos, Shay is channeling one of her alter egos, Svetlana, and is almost unrecognizable in the sexy images.

Last month, The Inquisitr reported on a wardrobe malfunction Shay had during a photo shoot, where her bra strap popped almost exposing her chest. The new images from Shay’s Instagram match her outfit from the video, and it looks like these photos were actually taken a few weeks ago but finally got their finishing touches.

In all of the new images, Shay is wearing colored contact lenses shaded a whitish-grey, making her look like anyone other than herself. Animal print seemed to be a big theme of the photo shoot, with white cheetah print making an appearance in more than one photo.

The first photo of the bunch had Shay playing twins who appeared to be clueless as they crashed their Volkswagen Beetle into someone’s living room. In the captain, Shay joked that the Svetlana twins were attempting to parallel park when the insane accident occurred.

The second photo was on the sexier side as Shay posed on a chaise lounge in a leopard print bustier. With her hair pulled back in a matching white leopard print silk scarf, Shay bit the tip of her fingernail while crossing her legs.

For the third post, which was a collage, Shay lit a cigarette and smoked it for a black-and-white themed image.

“Svetlana cut the power after her man took longer than a minute to respond,” she captioned the post.

The fourth post of the bunch featured Shay back in her leopard gear and she nibbled on the end of her glasses. It was a much closer image than the previous photo, putting her grey eyes on display for a truly mesmerizing stare.

Last but not least, Shay let her blonde hair down and sported a light green silk shirt as she pretended to watch TV in the last photo. The Netflix star’s long legs were on full display and seemed to go on for days. For this caption, Shay joked that Svetlana was watching Game of Thrones and was wondering why no one in the show shared her name.

The five posts from Shay received well over 1 million likes from her fans and thousands of comments.