Jordyn Woods Gets Slammed On Twitter After Recent Comments During Her Interview

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Following her first interview since appearing on Red Table Talk back in March, Jordyn Woods is getting some backlash from her recent comments.

The model, 21, was in Lagos, Nigeria for the last few days and has been documenting her journey on her Instagram page. The Inquisitr previously shared that Woods sat in on a panel during Nigeria’s Homecoming Festival, where she addressed the cheating scandal she was involved in with Khloe Kardashian’s ex and father of her child Tristan Thompson. Woods shared during the panel how she and her family were “bullied by the world” as the public commented on her life and decisions. Kylie Jenner’s former BFF also shared how the experience shifted her views as a black woman.

“I understood for the first time what it’s like being a black woman—in a just society, how we can be so disrespected and nobody can really understand to that extent until you have to live it,” Woods said.

The young entrepreneur’s comments were quickly criticized on Twitter. Many users were upset that Woods said her recent scandal was a learning experience for her.

“Jordyn Woods really said for the first time she knows what it’s like to be a black woman… as if she hasn’t been black her whole life,” one user tweeted.

“Lordt..Jordyn Woods said she understands for the first time what it’s like being a black woman they said she was in the sunken place too,” another user wrote.

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Woods took to her own Twitter account to speak on the recent comments following her interview. The social media influencer stated in one tweet that the section of the interview was “taken out of context” and that there was much more to the conversation that people on the Internet won’t pay attention to.

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People previously shared that in her tell-all interview on Red Table Talk, Woods confirmed that she had some physical contact with the NBA star. She said Thompson kissed her as she was leaving his Los Angeles home back in February. She revealed to Red Table Talk host and family friend Jada Pinkett Smith that while she didn’t sleep with Thompson, she didn’t disclose to Jenner or Kardashian the details surrounding her visit to Thompson’s home. Since the scandal broke, Woods has reportedly been estranged from Kardashian, who momentarily blamed her for the scandal shortly after Woods’ interview, but later recanted via social media. Woods and Jenner, who lived together in Jenner’s Los Angeles home, are also reportedly still estranged.