Spoilers For Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’: Lulu Steps Up, Josslyn Gets Mad, And Carly’s Concerned

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday’s episode indicate that there will be little to no Dawn of Day action. The DoD storyline has been quite prominent this week, and viewers may be thrilled to get the chance to catch up on some other fronts.

The sneak peek shared at the end of Wednesday’s show teases that viewers will see a bit of Oscar, but his health is declining rapidly. Oscar is staying at the Quartermaine mansion now — and as The Inquisitr shared earlier — it looks as if his days are indeed numbered. He’ll spend some time with Josslyn, and will do his best to stay engaged, but it looks like it’ll be a significant struggle.

Josslyn will certainly be very worried about Oscar, and she’s doing her best to remain strong as she watches her boyfriend’s health decline. General Hospital spoilers indicate that something will happen that causes her to blast Cameron, and it may be that she’s taking her stress out on her friend. Viewers will also see some scenes involving Elizabeth and Cam together.

The next episode will also have Carly asking some questions about her pregnancy. This is a very high-risk pregnancy, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that she will be worried — not only about the pregnancy continuing without issue, but about the baby being born healthy. As fans remember, Michael was born with a heart issue, and it may be that Carly is wondering whether this baby might face similar challenges.

Lulu went to Paris to recharge after Dante’s sudden departure, but it looks like she isn’t staying away for long. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps reveal that she will anxious to help someone in some way, popping up during Thursday’s episode somehow.

It’s not clear yet whether Lulu is going to be touching base via phone with somebody, or if she’ll already be returning to Port Charles. However, this won’t be the only tidbit involving Lulu this week. General Hospital spoilers detail that, as the week continues, she’ll have a surprise of some sort for Peter.

Ava, Kevin, and Laura have been developing this plan to lure Ryan back to Port Charles — and that will start in earnest during Thursday’s show. The Inquisitr shared earlier that Ryan is still alive, and viewers will see confirmation of this soon.

It looks like all of the Dawn of Day chaos will remain dominant for at least the next few weeks, news that isn’t necessarily being embraced by viewers. However, General Hospital spoilers hint that there’s great stuff developing on numerous other fronts, too, and it would appear that Thursday’s episode will give fans a lot to take in as things intensify throughout Port Charles.