Orlando International Airport Advising Travelers To Allow Even More Time For Security Checkpoints

Stan HondaGetty Images

Over the years, airport travel has been taking a bit longer due to added security measures, some of which took years to fully implement As time goes on, new tactics and methods are put in place, and airports want to make sure that travelers don’t end up missing their flights. The Orlando International Airport (MCO) is now urging travelers to show up even earlier as the entire security check-in process is taking even longer.

The official website of the Orlando International Airport is advising travelers to allow even more time than usual to catch their flights. They are recommending passengers devote two hours after arriving at the airport to go through ticketing, move through the security checkpoint, and get to one’s gate.

Some may not find this to be necessary, as they have been able to make it through security in less time. While some trips to the airport may have gone smoothly, that isn’t always the case, and it can be very stressful if you choose to show up at the airport too late.

Officials from the Orlando International Airport recommend that, from here on out, airline passengers arrive at least two hours prior to takeoff to ensure they won’t miss their flight.

In order to help out the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) — and to cut down the wait time for everyone — it is recommended that passengers try to remember some procedures before getting to security checkpoints. This will not only help the entire process go smoothly but will save time and expedite security screenings.

  • Dispose of liquids prior to entering the security screening lines
  • Place all electronics in separate bins for screening
  • Empty your pockets and place any metal items into the bins

As for your electronics, the enhanced security screening measures require passengers to place any devices larger than a cell phone into a separate bin, assuming you’re not part of the TSA Precheck program.

Those who are traveling on international or early morning flights should always check with their individual airlines for recommended arrival times. The main page of the Orlando International Airport also has security wait times listed for checkpoints corresponding to gates 1-59 and gates 70-129.

Orlando International Airport is just one of many around the country that are advising passengers to arrive early for their flights. With spring break ending and the busy summer seasons coming up, there are going to be lots of people flying in and out of Orlando for Walt Disney World and Disney Cruise Line vacations. If you want to make sure you don’t miss your flight home, you’ll want to give yourself the additional time, just to be on the safe side.