Woods, Nordegren Together: Golfer Reunited With Ex-Wife, Couple Seen Leaving Event Together

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren were seen together in public, adding fuel to reports that the couple could be getting back together.

The couple was reunited for an event in Jupiter, Florida, for a youth sports organization. A source told TMZ that Tiger Woods arrived earlier to the event to be with his son and daughter, and Elin Nordegren joined them later.

Woods and Nordegren were seen even closer together as the event went on. A witness said the golfer and his ex-wife talked for about 30 minutes and “seemed to enjoy each other’s company.”

The couple endured a very public and very painful breakup at the end of 2009, which began with a fight on Thanksgiving night. Elin reportedly found evidence of an affair Tiger was having, which led to a parade of mistresses from throughout his marriage.

Today the two appear to be doing well on their own. Woods is reportedly in a relationship with professional skier Lindsey Vonn, though neither athlete has confirmed reports of their relationship. It was even reported that Tiger lent Vonn his private jet so she could travel to Colorado, where she was having surgery to repair an injured ACL and MCL.

Elin meanwhile has moved on with the help of a large settlement from Woods in their divorce. She is building a 21,000-square-foot mansion in Palm Beach, one that will include a 1,200 square foot master bedroom, koi ponds, and a movie theater.

As they moved further from their volatile breakup, there were reports that the couple grew to be civil with each other. Now, there are rumors that Tiger and Nordegren could get back together for good — the National Enquirer said Woods wants to win back his former love, and is willing to include a $350 million “no cheating” clause in a pre-nuptial agreement to do so.

It appears the former couple isn’t quite ready for media attention, however. Woods and Nordegren left together in Elin’s car as soon as they people started to notice them at the event this week.