Sam Smith Cancels His Billboard Awards Performance Due To Health Reasons

Gareth CattermoleGetty Images

Sam Smith has canceled his performance for the 2019 Billboard Music Awards, as well as other upcoming shows, due to doctor’s orders, reports Just Jared.

Smith posted the announcement on his Twitter account.

“In the wake of cutting his South African tour short last week, Sam’s medical specialists are requiring him to have further rest. Regrettable, this means that he will be unable to perform at the Azerbaijan Gran Prix in Baku this weekend or the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas next week.”

“We apologize for the disappointment for those affected, but the primary focus at this time needs to be on Sam’s recovery and health.”

According to People, South Africa’s Channel 24 reported that Smith had to put the brakes on a concert in Cape Town because of vocal strain. He suddenly left the stage — having performed for 45 minutes — after which an announcement was made to the crowd that Smith’s voice was strained and he would not be able to finish the show.

BIG Concerts, who organized the event, shared a statement on Twitter addressing the incident.

It was only a few weeks ago that Smith could be found energetically performing on stage at Lollapalooza Sao Paulo in Brazil, according to Daily Mail.

The singer put on a spirited performance in front of thousands of fans at the packed music festival. He was scheduled to appear at several shows in the country, including the Festival Estereo Picnic in Colombia.

During his South American tour, the Daily Mail spotted the performer enjoying the company of a small group of friends at the Periquita Bar in Brazil. He appeared to enjoy the companionship and conversation of his pals as they dined outdoors.

The Grammy Award winner turned heads in an unexpectedly revealing social media video. Earlier this month, Smith stripped down to his underwear for an Instagram Story, flaunting an exposed leg before undressing to just a pair of white underwear and socks.

After Smith did a runway walk, he and danced a little in front of the mirror, he displayed a photo of himself seductively kneeling on the floor.

He capped off his video by urging his followers to engage in “the boat dance” as he proceeded to carelessly bop to Demi Lovato’s “Sorry Not Sorry.”

He also posted a selfie as well, writing in a caption that he felt “bloated and gross” after a flight, so he figured he would share a picture of his “sexy bloated boobies” with his loyal fans.

Smith previously addressed his lifelong weight issues in an interview with actress Jameela Jamil for the Instagram series I Weigh Interview.

The “The Stay With Me” artist admitted that he was chubby as a child, a weight problem that progressed until he found himself with extra weight in his chest due to excess estrogen.

Self-conscious and depressed, he eventually underwent liposuction on his chest at 12 years old.

He admitted he was overjoyed by the results. Unfortunately, his happiness did not last as Smith put back on all the weight within two weeks, due to what he called his unhealthy relationship with food.

In 2015, Smith lost almost 56 pounds after adopting a healthier diet and lifestyle.