Madonna Gets Instagram Warning, Shares It With Followers

Madonna has drawn the wrath of Instagram, or at least a warning.

Just four months shy of creating her official Instagram account, the entertainer has become the recipient of one of the photo sharing service’s dreaded warning notices. In true Madonna form, she posted a photo of the warning — on Instagram.

Frequent users of the Facebook-owned photo sharing app are familiar with the warnings it issues regarding content, and many have seen images yanked from their feeds.

Instagram frowns upon graphic nudity, inappropriate language, and sharing copyrighted material not belonging to the person posting the photo. Users can report such content with just the tap of a finger.

On Saturday, Madonna shared her Instagram warning with the roughly 150,000 fans that follow her. The notice reads in part:

“It has come to our attention that your account on Instagram has violated our Community Guidelines.”

After pointing out the various possible reasons a photo can violate the popular app’s terms of service and suggesting the deletion of all such offending photos, the message concludes with:

“We value these guidelines, and believe that they will help keep Instagram a safe and fun place for everyone. It is important to note that continuing to violate them may result in a disabled account, or discontinued access to Instagram, without warning.”

Madonna did not reveal which of her images Instagram targeted with the warning. There are currently less than 20 photos shared to the singer’s account. Although some are a bit sweaty and risque, none appear to be in direct violation of the app’s regulations.

An article by Business Insider speculates that it may not be a case of profanity or nudity. Madonna recently posted two pictures of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. The singer has collected Kahlo’s artwork in the past, but it’s possible the Instagram photos were copyrighted and violated service terms.

You can read Madonna’s Instagram warning and check out her photos by visiting the official website.