Tattooed Sarah Hyland Goes Fully Topless On Instagram

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For someone whose Instagram bio claims is “kind of all over the place,” Sarah Hyland is coming off as confident today.

On April 24, the Modern Family actress updated her account to share a new picture. The snap shows Hyland striking a pose, and is captured from behind. Posing against a pastel-pink background, Hyland appears topless – possibly nude. Her muscular back flaunts a small arrow tattoo. A bird-shaped bit of ink also appears behind Sarah’s right ear.

With her hands cradling her head, Sarah is showcasing glossy chestnut locks and a peaceful facial expression. Her face appears in profile from the right, although enough of it is visible to see that Sarah has closed her eyes. Zen-like as the photoshoot may be, the caption is another story. Addressing her fans as “DUDES!” Sarah suggests excitement at announcing her partnership with skincare giant Olay. The caption further acknowledges Sarah’s prior battles with her skin, although it would appear that Olay’s products have helped the star “transform.”

The update coincides with Sarah’s People interview – and the focus of said interview rests heavily on the actress’s health and wellbeing. The magazine quotes Hyland on her beauty philosophies.

“To be able to take control of my body and use a product that makes me feel comfortable, because I’m not able to do what normally makes me feel comfortable, has been really amazing.”

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DUDES! I can finally say that I am a part of the @olay #SkinTransformed campaign, which is all about celebrating the transformation of OUR own bodies, and how they are often works-in-progress..not perfection. Along with other fearless women, I will be featured in a waterproof bath book (❤️????) that you can enter to WIN! These photos will always be such an incredibly special reminder of this chapter of my skin story and I couldn’t be more thrilled to highlight my back and what it has meant to me as I have watched my body transform. Keep track of my IG Stories where you can swipe up to enter to win the first ever waterproof bath book featuring MOI at!! Once you enter, comment below to let me know - can’t wait to see! Must enter by 5/31/19. Must be 18. No purchase necessary. #OlayPartner #olaybodywashchallenge

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Hyland has a long history of health troubles. Two kidney transplants, dialysis, endometriosis, and an abdominal hernia were all chronicled by Self as the magazine documented the star’s troubles in 2018.

Despite surgeries and hospitalizations, Sarah’s career does not seem to have suffered. Her work on Modern Family now spans 10 years. Having risen from child actress to bonafide superstar, Sarah is now considered a hair and style icon. Her motivational attitude is likewise well-received.

When it comes to social media, Sarah seems all set. Her 6.4 million Instagram followers are accustomed to a good dose of humor from the star – the above picture being a good example. While celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Kylie Jenner have all made high-profile appearances at Coachella 2019, Sarah has remained absent. She did, however, take the opportunity to jokingly refer to the music festival’s affiliation with the celebrity world by throwing up a throwback shot.

Likewise amusing was Sarah’s Gigi Hadid impersonation. Given that Hyland is somewhat pint-sized, her Instagram video poking fun at lofty models was well-received.

Hyland’s Olay partnership sees her follow other celebrities who have teamed up with skincare brands. Kendall Jenner is the face of Proactiv. Jennifer Aniston fronts Aveeno. Fans may be inadvertently registering Olay as a name today, but their focus may be more fixated on Hyland’s feminine form.